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Road trips are an emotion in themselves but it also means spending long hours cramped in the car. Well good for you, we have an article especially for those looking for car accessories to make their road trip a tiny bit more comfortable.

7 Road trip approved Car accessories to buy online:

Rooftop Cargo

A rooftop carrier can come in very handy when going on road trips with family or friends. Roof top cargo comes in two styles, you can either get a hard plastic casing carrier to fit all your stuff or you can also get a cloth roof top carrier. The major difference between the two lies in the way it looks and durability. Hard casing ones add a much sleeker touch to the car whereas cloth carriers end up looking clumsy. Hard cases are also much more durable.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

When on a road trip it can be difficult to keep your car clean. All the chip packers and chocolate wrappers need to go and what better way to get rid of the dirt than to carry an actual portable car vacuum cleaner. Make sure you choose one which is lightweight and comes with different attachments for different surfaces.

Car Charger

Now this one seems like a very obvious car accessory yet you would be surprised by how many road trip feuds I had to break up which were caused by charger trouble. Just get a car charger now so you can have a peaceful trip.

Car chargers come with various added features, a few high end ones even come with Alexa. Choose one that works for you.

Car Rear Roller Curtain

Trust me there can be nothing worse than sunlight hitting you on a hot sunny day from the back window of the car. Even if you have Car rollers installed on the side windows of your car, rays coming from the backside can make you feel irritated. In this case, a good Car Rear Roller Curtain can help prevent sunlight from hitting you.

Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

This particular car accessory doubles as a power bank too. Suppose you're driving through a scantily populated region and your battery gives up. In that case a battery jump starter might just save the day for you.

Tyre inflator

In a similar vein to that of the last one, a tyre inflator is something you absolutely should keep with you while on a road trip. Most tyre inflators these days come with an OLED screen and are rechargeable.

Inflatable car bed

Long road trips although very enjoyable can be tiring too. An inflatable car will come in especially handy for a quick nap on the go. Inflatable car beds usually come with an air pump, repair patch and a carrying case.


 Car gizmos become essential when you start spending longer hours in your car and a road trip is a fine example of it. With the 7 above mentioned gadgets and car accessories, I hope you'll have less fights and more feels during your road trip. Happy journey!


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