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Have you made a new year resolution for 2021 yet? Here is an idea for you- make a resolution to explore more this year! Motorcycling is one of the most exciting ways of travelling as well as seeing the world around you, without spending lot of money that you would do if you prefer to do it on a car. If you already have a two-wheeler at home, you already are prepared to get started with the new year resolution. If not, consider getting a commuter motorcycle, and start building your skills so that you can gradually upgrade to a high-capacity adventure touring motorcycle later on. 

One of the most important things about riding motorcycles to stay safe on the road at all times and just investing in a premium helmet might not be enough, because there are other things that you need to know. Here are 7 cardinal truths of two-wheelers safety no one tells you. So, let's get started!

 Maintain manageable speeds

The first most important thing about staying safe while Riding a motorcycle is to maintain manageable speeds at all time. As a beginner, understand your comfort zone and run out to get out of it too often. Of course, you are not going to learn anything unless you get out of the comfort zone, but do that find yourself a good empty parking lot, or empty space to try new things stop for everything else, keep the speed within the legal limits, or even lower until you become better at controlling the dynamics of the vehicle. There are multiple advantages of keeping the motorcycle speed low, the first of them is that lets you bring the motorcycle to a safe stand still position in case of an emergency. the second advantage of keeping the speed low is that you make you better controller after vehicle irrespective after traffic conditions on the road. In most cities and towns, you will find yourself in a place where there isn't a lot of space to open up the throttle. In such conditions, slow riding skills will come in very handy.

Always wear your shields

Never make the mistake of riding a motorcycle without the good quality premium riding safety protective gear. The most important of all protective gears is a premium helmet that comes with the latest safety assurance and relevant certifications applicable in your country. In addition to that, you are also going to need underwriting safety gear such as gloves, jackets and boots to keep your entire body protected against the dangers on the road. While purchasing a premium helmet for riding, go with the best helmet manufacturers in India, and look for all the latest safety and comfort features that can come within your budget. 

Don’t expect others to follow rules

Akee rule to stay safe on road to never expect anybody else to follow the rules! Accidents happen when you anticipate come out even expect others to follow the rules and keep you safe. In an ideal condition that might be true, but when the traffic condition is extremely congested and people are trying to reach destinations fast, priorities change. Under such conditions, there's a high risk of an accident, and you being on a two-wheeler the risk of damage and injuries are highest for you. With that in mind, the onus of keeping yourself safe falls on you. Always maintain a safe distance away from large vehicles and keep a high margin of error while making overtakes, or filtering through narrow gaps in the traffic. 

Respect pedestrians

During the peak traffic hours early in the morning, and late in the evening, there are a lot of pedestrians and bicycle users on the road. As it so happens, these people will also be using the same space net motorcyclist would use, thereby creating the challenge of avoiding hitting them all the while keeping yourself safe and protected against larger vehicles. Respect the space used by pedestrian and bicycle users and always check the rear-view mirror before overtaking them on the slow Lane. It might be a better idea to slow down and let the problem pass through rather than risking yourself, or a pedestrian because of impatience.

Respect the weather

Always keep an eye on the weather every morning when you are beginning the ride. Depending upon the weather condition, you will have to change 2 riding modes on the motorcycle, as well as carry unnecessary riding gears that are applicable for the weather condition. If it has started to rain or snow, consider taking a car instead of the motorcycle to stay safe. Overcast conditions may also lead to the problem of low visibility. In that case, choose a premium helmet that comes with a clear visor rather than a mirror, or a tinted visor which will not help you in seeing clearly. For writing during the hot summer conditions, you can opt for an open face helmet, which is also commonly known as a ¾ helmet in the United States and other regions of the world. If your helmet does not have a visor, consider wearing motorcycle riding goggles to keep the eyes protected against dust, debris and bugs flying on the road.

Always keep your senses sharp

Never make the mistake of riding a motorcycle when your senses are dull or fatigued. Do not ride under the influence of alcohol because it dulls the senses as well as the decision-making power of a healthy mind. This is particularly important to note when you're going on long distance road trips when the fatigue of riding for long durations can prevent you from taking the right decisions while riding. If you feel yourself being too tired and fatigued, consider postponing the ride until you feel well. Experience riders also use hot beverages such as tea and coffee to stay awake and focused on the road.

Use signals and double check before turning

Whether you are running about cycle or any other vehicle, always make sure that the signals are being used regularly in addition to hand signals to clearly express your intentions to other motorists behind you. Even after doing everything by the book, double check the view mirrors before making a turn, or exiting the main road into a by lane.


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