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7 Digital Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

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A great digital marketer will have the ability to learn and adapt news things and latest trends of the industry. Digital marketer has to work with several clients and teams, so they have to know about latest trends, know how to communicate and build strong teams. So, learning Digital Marketing Training in Pune you can easily learn new skills of digital Marketing.  

There are 7 digital skills that every digital marketer needs to know, as follows-

1) Video Marketing – Customer’s love watching videos and lot of people have purchased brand’s product after watching a video. For marketer, it is important strategy as customer’s buying decision is based on video. 8/10 people buy the brand’s product after watching video. According to research it is found out that, this video marketing strategy helps in positive Return of Investment (ROI). Also, video marketing can help in engagement, higher conversion, higher SEO ranking. It is also important that if you want positive response and higher engagement for your brand, then you should have relevant video and content that people are more likely to trust your brand.  

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –

SEO and SEM is the main factor in digital marketing and if anyone with this field must have basic handle on it. It is important to know how SEO really works and also you should have solid understanding of content optimization in order to run successful digital marketing campaigns. Both SEO and SEM plays a vital role in field of digital marketing, so these skills are required to every digital marketer.  

3) Content Marketing – As everything revolves around content so if you want higher SEO ranking, higher social media engagement and brand recognition, you must have hands on experience and skill about content marketing. It is important to create SEO friendly content and high quality content to engage and covert audience. There are many forms of content from video content, email, blogs, e-books, website content, articles and so on.  

4) Data/Analytics – Most of the brand/businesses have huge amount of consumer data to track, and digital marketers must have certain skills about to gather it and use it to know consumer behavior and to apply it to solutions that boost traffic and conversion. Your skills can be the valuable asset to the industry and also you can show this in innovative way which results in huge campaign success.  

5) Understanding the Design Thinking and Planning – Design thinking is a kind of process where the problems are solved by prioritizing the customer’s need and demand. Here, according to Interaction Design foundation there are 5 key factors of this process and that are empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Digital marketer should know this skill, which is the key to digital marketing success.  

6) Another skill is required for digital marketer is you should be tech savvy and it is important to learn and should know skills about various tools and technology which helps to boost SEO if you know the right steps.  

7) Skill which is the most important to know and learn is Marketing Automation and CRM. You need to build such system where it is easy to engage, attract new customers and keep them around.  

Digital marketer should be curious, enjoy versatility, forward-thinking, business focused and strategy center which help them to stay competitive in the industry. Other which are important to know are skills of WordPress, basic design of UI/UX, Microsoft office.

To conclude, digital marketing is fast-paced and demanding all over the globe so it is important that digital marketer should know and hands-on experience on such skills.  

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