7 Essential Skills – That Web Designer Possesses

The art of web designing never runs out. We see hundreds and thousands of websites every day. The website's smooth functioning depends on the web designer who has worked on the design and workability aspects of the website. The web designer is primarily responsible for the website's design aspect, making it look attractive, crisp information as well as user friendly such that users come back to the website to view it again and again. The more hits the website gets, the better. The web designer is expected to be the aces in the pile, jacks of the trade. They are expected to

  • Produce samples before approving the final designs
  • Meeting with the client to know the needful information for the site
  • Accepting feedback and acknowledging criticism for the website
  • Maintaining the technological advancements at your fingertips and up to date
  • Digital corrections of the images on the site as well as editing of the graphics and pictures on the site
  • Creating user-friendly, appealing, and effective content for the site
  • Development of the skill set and expertise in programming languages like HTML, Java, Python, etc.
  • Should work as a part of a team and should encourage other ideas as well.

Recruitment of Web designers

Web designers are mostly employed by software companies, IT consultant companies as well as corporate companies. If the company uses computer systems, it will require a web designer to design their company portal and to get the company from getting noticed. The designer must get inspired by the world, keeping himself/ herself updated with the current trends and artworks are important. The designer should start viewing their works as critics. They will realize the certain aspects of the site that require attention.

The web designer is expected to have the following skillset:

  • Creative– to come up with good and creative designs every day and to have common upgrades according to the time of the year, ex. During Christmas, they are expected to have maybe a giveaway or discounts, having a section of the website dedicated to that is the web designer's job.
  • Good analytical skills– The web designer should be good to analyze the problem and come up with a suitable and user-friendly solution as requested by the client.
  • Technical skills– The designer is expected to know the various languages used in making the website like HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Patience– Having patience and accepting changes from the client is of prime importance. Even if the suggestions are not reasonable, coming up with the ideal solution is the designer; only if you analyze and work on the client demands you succeed in your endeavors.
  • Design abilities– The person should use design tools like Photoshop and Dreamweaver and applications like Sublime Text to add the fancy aesthetic fonts to enhance the site with more features.
  • Communication skills– The person should be a good communicator; they should understand the client's requirements and be able to express their concerns effectively.
  • Knowledge about UX/UI– The more the developer knows about the user design experience and interface, the better. The page should be easy to use as well as navigate and search. Not only should it be straightforward but also a call to action responsive.
  • Interpersonal skills– The designer should communicate with people other than the client to understand layman's point of view for the project. Designing is never one man's job; it involves various departments working together to making an effective design.
  • Time ManagementWeb designing is extremely tedious and happens over a long period. It increases with the intensity of the project; keeping an eye on the deadlines is extremely important and incorporating regular revisions is important too.
  • Concentration– The designer should focus on the design, keeping aside the stress and deadlines, should give 100% for an assignment.

Ups and downs of being a web designer

More than any other skill, it is important that the designer learns the basics. Learning from their mistakes, accepting crits, and gradual practice makes the person an expert. No designer has reached the top overnight. It is a gradual process and requires a lot of motivation and attention. It is encouraged that the designers participate in competitions to know how the world works and what other people are thinking. Working for a competition gives you the ability to learn new skills and adapt. The more the challenges coming in the way, the better it makes the designer.

Committing to being a web designer is hard, requires a lot of time and a free-flowing patient mind. Not everyone can develop new ideas overnight. The keystones of developing a good web design are having complete knowledge of what you are doing. The various aspects of the website that require attention are:

  • Text: The content on the website should be crisp and to the point. It is of utmost importance that the web designers work with content writers to make an effective design. The text should be legible as well as an easy to read font, and in visual color.
  • Color theory: The designer should know which color is appropriate for which site, and it should not contain a lot of vibrant colors.
  • Shapes and Graphics: The site should be visually appealing with a balance of text and images. It should have the good use of shapes and not all text; interesting shapes keep the user engaged with the site.
  • Layout and Spacing: Make sure the site does not look crammed up and has a lot of free-flowing space. Whitespace in the designer aspect brings simplicity and a modern approach to the site.
  • Videos: Videos are extremely eye-catching but should be made sure that they do not overpower your content.
  • Navigation: The website should be easy to navigate, and you should be able to search elements directly
  • Speed: The user does not have all day to wait for the site to load. It is important that the site loads quickly.
  • Animations: Though they take a lot of time, it takes a hand in the interactions of the user with the websites, and they grab attention instantly.
  • Device compatibility: The site should not open in only one phone; the site should be device friendly and should open fast and work effectively on any device.

In conclusion, seeing websites every day, you might not realize the hard work that makes a website, the number of revisions made to reach the outcome. It is important to appreciate and acknowledge talent when seen. Web designing is a field where you could learn every day. It never gets old. New content keeps flowing in as there are developments in the industry and we know this and value also contact us for up-to-date SEO Tech Experts website designing platform for your online business.


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Written by Anjali sinha

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