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Have you decided to make a separate bedroom for your little one? Yes, Good! You may have also planned about what furniture to install? The kids bed is first on the shopping list, right, and why not? It’s the most essential furniture of any bedroom. With the children bed, a parent can create a comfy place to sleep for the kid. Besides, kids grow too fast. They like to play with friends, dream, read, learn and draw. Moreover, they need their own space. What better furniture you can offer for a kid to enjoy childhood moment and create a personal space? Of course a bed right! They can do all these activities and talk to friends in bed. They will have their personal room and furniture to do many activities. Therefore, bring a modern kid’s bed and let your kid remember his/her childhood forever. 

Now, if you are a first-time buyer, you will be surprised with bed styles in the market. They come in many designs, finish colors and advanced features. Perhaps, kid furniture is available in countless designs than adults. Every product is designed to meet the kid’s requirements. They are safe and elevate the bedroom. But not every size is right for all bedrooms. So you must select the right bed for your kid. Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for a bed.

1. Don’t go wrong with size – 

Some new parents think wooden kids bed is as big as adults big. Yes, to the surprise, the bed size is the same as adult size. So select a size that of the room size or less. It will be easy to install and handy. Plus, no need to change the furniture even if they grow a little bit. They can easily manage their teddies, favorite pillow and more on the bed. Do not buy the wrong size.

2. Opt durable furniture – 

Kids love to play with friends, siblings and cousins in the home when they are invited. They may be dancing and jumping on the bed for fun. So, the bed has to be strong and long-lasting.  The solid wood kids bed is highly durable as it’s made from premium-quality wood. Besides, they are stronger than adult beds. So select a bed crafted from good quality wood.

3. Scratch proof bed – 

The common habit of every kid is to scratch, draw or remove the paint of the furniture surface. So, you should buy furniture that will look presentable for months even with scratches. Besides, it should be hard for kids to remove the finish color. Buy furniture that can withstand scratches, sticky pictures and more. Explore kids bed online that can deal with the mysterious activities of kids.

4.  Go for a storage facility – 

Kids will have a lot of toys in the bedroom. So they need more space to hide them. Adding more cabinets in the room can make the room smaller. So the best solution is to invest in a storage facility bed. They come with spacious storage sections like drawers, cabinets and headboard storage. Kids and parents can use them to store many accessories. So always buy kids bed with storage.

5. Think about the bedroom layout – 

Do think about the bedroom layout before buying the bed. Imagine how it will look in the bed? Will it make difficult accessing doors, windows or cupboard? Also, if the bed comes with a ladder, will it allow for your kid to safely access it? If yes, go ahead and buy it. Make sure to install it properly.

6. Don’t only think of now – 

In the coming years, will the bedroom be shared? Do not think only about the current purpose. Instead, focus on the future. You may have a new kid in a few years? So you can buy a bunk bed. It will offer a separate bed for both kids and saves space.

7.  Think of holidays – 

During festive or holiday seasons, do cousins visit your home to spend time with your kid and your family. Creating an extra sleeping bed can be a worry for you. To manage the situation, you can invest in a trundle bed. It features an additional bed. You can smartly use it for a cousin.


These are some tips to buy the right kids bed for first time buyers or new parents. They can use the space effectively and offer a comfy space for kids. Thus, kids can do all the fun activities in the room and cherish them for life long.

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