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Learning a new language can be an overwhelming experience and a daunting task. Students feel fearful that they may not be able to grasp a new language, but a good teacher can help them through the process. Instead of joining a language institute and spending a lot of money, you can hire an online language tutor

Online language tutors are accessible, and they are with you every step of the way. If you are a language teacher or a student, you might be wondering what are the important characteristics of a good teacher. Correction: a good language teacher. 

Everyone has that ONE favorite teacher in their lives, and you remember them fondly because of a number of things. 

Let’s skim through this article to find out the 7 characteristics that make a good language teacher. 

#1 Patience 

A good teacher will be patient. Learning a language can be difficult, and every student has a different learning pace. With patience and competence, a language teacher can help a student. 

Complete beginners will struggle with a new language, but if a teacher is patient – they can move mountains. 

#2 Create a personalized learning to environ 

Language tutors online ensure that the student can ask as many questions without feeling shy or nervous. 

As a good teacher, you need to make the student feel comfortable. Creating a personalized learning environment helps the student to open up and clear their doubts. 

#3 Hopeful and grateful

A good language teacher never loses hope. If the teacher loses hope, it will be infectious and students will be affected by this negativity. 

A language tutor online will never give up on their students. They will ensure that weak students get more attention. Moreover, even if a student is weak in studies or slow in grasping concepts, a good teacher will look for ways to make the class engaging and useful. 

#4 Passion 

If a teacher is not passionate about teaching, they won’t go too far. You need to show up every single day like a ninja or someone who loves the job so much that they want to do it for the rest of their lives. Teaching is a rewarding job, especially when students move forward in their lives, become something, and thank you for your patience and hardwork. 

You are responsible for shaping lives and that’s why teaching is an excellent profession. 

#5 Accepting mistakes and moving forward

Tutors aren’t sent by God and they are certainly not playing the role of God. Teachers can make mistakes and they can learn from them. 

If a teacher errs, they will get back and learn more about their mistakes and not repeat it again. 

#6 Exploring different teaching methodologies 

When you join a language tutor platformyou will find many tutors. All of them have different teaching methodologies. As a good tutor, you also need to research and carve out the right methodology for your classes. 

You can include multimedia tools to make the class a little more engaging and interesting. 

Evopry is a language tutoring platform wherein you can take classes via Skype and show presentations to students and even take pop quizzes. 

#7 Holding students accountable 

As a teacher/tutor, your job is to teach and help students every step of the way. However, a good teacher ensures that they let the student know that learning is a two-way process. You can take two steps, but the student also has to take one step forward to learn. 

Ask them to pay attention and ask as many questions without fearing. 


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