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Java has been the preferred programming language for over 20 years. It has use cases in web application development, mobile development, big data solutions, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, enterprise app development, AR & VR, embedded systems, and much more. In October 2021, Java was the third most popular programming language in the world. As Java application development continues to grow, companies find it suitable for modern-day digital solutions to enhance their journey of digital transformation. 

There are 9,880 companies in the world using Java development services for their products. Among them are some of the world’s leading enterprises like Uber, Airbnb, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, and several others. The robust nature of the programming language and its cross-platform development capabilities make it the preferred choice for software solutions globally.

However, as modern technology grows, Java also sees tremendous change. Java software development services are highly versatile – meaning it is a technology that can build anything – from gaming to desktop applications. In 2021, the latest trends in Java application development are gaining traction as they change how enterprises think about Java technology.

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Top 7 Trends in Java Application Development

The continuous evolution of technology is bringing every Java software development company to the forefront of software solutions and digital product building. These changes are leading to the growth of specific trends in Java technology that are ruling in 2021. Here are the top 7 trends in Java:- 

  1. AI-driven Solutions
    Java is a great programming language to build AI-driven and Machine Learning solutions. It offers to build digital products using Machine Learning algorithms. Java provides complete transparency and maintainability for these applications. There are libraries for statistical analysis, scientific computing, numerical analysis, and much more.

    On top of that, Java is a highly scalable language and can handle the heavy load generated through ML solutions. It is a powerful programming language capable of building the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven applications.

  2. Mobile Development
    While Java is a popular programming language for building Android applications, the recent growth in mobile solutions has elevated its demand. Today, enterprises can create Java applications that can be integrated with wearable gadgets. Intelligent mobile applications are the new norm – solutions that complement smart devices and applications.

    And as Android application development evolves, Java continues to grow because it is still one of the primary technologies for Android. Therefore, mobile will be one of the leading trends in Java in 2021.

  3. Big Data Applications
    Today, the #3 programming language is expanding from just Java web development services to Java data-based solutions. Companies are moving towards Industry 4.0, and they need a programming language that can fulfill their data needs. Java is the perfect technology for big data solution development, managing, and processing of massive volumes of data as well.

    With Big Data in Java web app development, companies can achieve valuable insights and make their decisions in real-time.

  4. Spring
    One of the most popular frameworks for Java app development is Spring. There have been significant updates in Spring, Spring Security, and Spring Boot. It is all the hype right now as the new features enable dynamic application development. Spring Boot framework is the first choice of Java developers to create microservices-based applications. It is also the framework to build production-ready and stand-alone solutions.

    The popularity of Spring is also due to the lightweight nature of the framework and the ease with which developers can build products.

  5. Java Updates
    Updates and upgrades are the intrinsic requirements for every technology to grow. However, Java’s updates are a trend every year. Since the programming language switched to a six-month release cycle, it is providing new features at regular intervals. Java LTS 8 and 11 were the two most recent updates in the last year, which simplified the development process for Java engineers.

    JDK 17 was released in September 2021, which is an open-source implementation of the Java 17 SE platform, making development better for enterprise and other apps.

  6. Integration Testing
    Another of the latest trends in Java web application development is integration testing. Manual testing is time-consuming and calls for expertise in ensuring that there are no issues in the product. However, Java frameworks, libraries, and tools like JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, REST-Assured, provide integration testing that reduces the time it takes to test an application.

    With Java’s integration testing features, companies are building applications much faster and gaining a competitive advantage with high-quality digital solutions.

  7. SaaS Products
    While custom software development services are one of the most commonly used services for enterprise applications, the programming language is becoming the first choice for SaaS products as well. The object-oriented nature of Java, its dynamic libraries, and the simple syntax provides an advantage to Java engineers for building SaaS-based applications.

    One of the top Java development trends is the use of the programming language in building IaaS and PaaS products as well. It has all the capabilities to develop powerful applications in these domains.


Java application development is still one of the best choices for startups and enterprises that want digital products and software solutions. The technology has evolved for the past 20+ years and continues to deliver results. While Python and C are the two closest competitors of Java, it has the power, capabilities, and resources that make it stand out from both of them. By following the above 7 trends in Java development services, companies can reap the benefits of Java and get ahead in their industries.

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