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The fashion trends are mostly inspired by fashion divas from the magazines and ramp of the fashion shows. Many fashion trends come into being and, after some days, vanished. Some patterns are being distinguished from the screen, but are unforgettable. These types of fashion are mostly known as outrageous, which become viral for days or months and are then gone. These trends are followed mainly by youngsters. As there are so many examples of shameful fashion styles like met gala, New York fashion week, and some other patterns as well.


The fashion trends which became viral are shameful fashion.


This is from the New York fashion week 2018 collection. It was a colorful furry dress or maybe inspired by irregular shapes. The patterns are just like the sweater used in different colors. That looked good only on the ramp, not in real life.

Marc Jacob

Marc Jacob is one of the renowned designers that make beautiful clothes. He has always been famous for his creation not only in clothes but in makeup also. In the New York fashion week, he showcased his fantastic exhibition. From it, one of the dresses was unpredictable. No one even understands that what the dress was, it was a long coat but longer than the usual with no shape and a scarf around the neck with a big hat on top covering the eyes. Just as the best leather jacket in fashion.


Met gala 2019 was full of outrageous fashion ideas that not only make people amazed but make them laugh too. Katy Perry was one of them who dressed as a chandelier, inspired by the beauty and the beast story. Like really, someone can wear that and was designed by Jeremy Scott. It was illuminated as well and was charming the red carpet with this look. How was she able to sit? A question to think about.


The vogue editor Hamish bowel in such a bizarre dress at the red carpet of Met gala 2018. He wore a sweeping cape of feathers with a pattern on it and making him looked like a lollypop with his rainbow-colored hair. How could be a mature man can dress up like this?


Lady Gaga, the pop singer's attire, was similar to her bright personality. This was shocking that she was not wearing one, two, not three, but four dresses at the same time designed by Brandon Maxwell, which was shed and changed playfully. It was carried by the wagon full of guitars and people helping her.


When the designer Balenciaga releases it's a luxury bag in a tote style, people immediately pointed out the similarity between the Ikea shopping bag and the tote bag. It was a new trend, and most talked about the pack in 2017.


Back in 2017, the most outrageous and viral clothes in town, were the one-shoulder bikini that looked impractical. The sleeve of the biking was bell-shaped, and no one can wear that on the beach if anyone does share it.

These were some of the outrageous fashion ideas which can not be wear in daily routine. These trends can only be carried by celebrities, not by the public.


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