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7 Pregnancy Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Women experience various symptoms during pregnancy. Most of the symptoms are normal, even if they are not exactly comfortable. It is just a sign of being pregnant. These symptoms are fatigue, body aches, mood swings, and so on, while some others can be dangerous, such as severe vomiting, fever, leg pain, contractions, vaginal bleeding, etc. Luckily, in most cases, all these symptoms are normal, but women must still regularly visit gynaecologists for check-ups to avoid pregnancy complications. You must be in touch with the best gynaecologist near you so that you can go to him/her when needed. If you are pregnant and looking for the best pre and post-pregnancy treatment services, then connect with Diva Women’s Hospital located in Ahmedabad. Read on for some pregnancy warning signs that are worth contacting your doctor about.

Bleeding: Without a doubt, vaginal bleeding or spotting can be dangerous and can create complications in your delivery process. But always remember that a tinge of blood is often not a big deal and this is common. Moreover, if bleeding doesn’t stop within a day and stays for more than one day, you must visit the doctor or women’s hospital to avoid any difficulties and complications during pregnancy.

Extreme vomiting: Most of the time, pregnant women face morning sickness, which is an annoying yet normal symptom of pregnancy. But, if you are vomiting every morning and can’t keep liquid in your stomach, then you need to let your doctor know about this, as this is not normal at all. This can lead you to severe dehydration, which is good for you and your baby as well. You must drink enough water and juices to keep yourself hydrated. Get in touch with Diva Women’s Hospital as they have a team of gynaecologists.

Swollen face or hands: Some aches and pains are common as your body grows because the baby gets bigger day by day, which leads to a little bit of swelling. But pay attention if you have too much swelling in your hands and face that is staying for longer, as this can be a sign of preeclampsia, which is not normal at all. Early detection of preeclampsia is beneficial, so visit the best gynaecologist in Ahmedabad to avoid such serious complications. 

Itching: Itching is the most common pregnancy symptom. Your skin might be itchy because it is being stretched and dried at the same time because you have a rash which is known as puppp. This symptom is aggravating but not harmful at all. Moreover, if you feel itchiness all over your body, then it can be severe and here you need to talk to your OB. An experienced OB would definitely perform a special test to rule out cholestasis of pregnancy to find out if there are serious issues such as preterm labour and stillbirth.

A severe headache: Most pregnant women experience headaches that come and go. This is common. But, if your headache doesn’t go away and stays for more than 4–5 hours, then you must get a check-up from your gynaecologist doctor. This is required because it can be a sign of preeclampsia, which is not good for you and your baby. 

Abdominal back pain: Back pain is a common symptom during your third trimester, but if the pain stays for a longer period, then contact your doctor as soon as possible. The gynaecologist is the best solution as they can check whether this is just a normal pregnancy pain or a sign of bladder or kidney infection. Most importantly, when your back is associated with fever and pain on urination, report it immediately to your doctor. 

Lots of watery eyes: If you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy and experience a lot of watery discharge, then this can be the sign of a broken water bag. Therefore, you need to be in touch with the doctor for regular check-ups to avoid such bigger issues. If you are planning to conceive, then you must visit Diva Women's Hospital for consultation. Their specialist team will guide you through the entire phase of pregnancy that you might feel during pregnancy. 

If you feel any of those symptoms, then call your doctor as soon as possible. Also remember, never ignore those symptoms, as this can be harmful for you and your baby. Looking for the best women’s hospital in Ahmedabad? Then get in touch with Diva Women’s Hospital.


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