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How long a car battery can survive could be a difficult subject, however, some generalizations are created supported by decades of business expertise. First, we all know 3 crucial variables—time, heat, and vibration—significantly impact an automotive battery's period of time. Let's examine every in additional detail. These are the factors that considerably affect the car battery life.


Car batteries age with time and have a restricted period of time, a bit like individuals. Batteries eventually deteriorate till they can't provide enough power to start out the associate engine, even below optimum operating conditions. Driving habits conjointly influence battery aging. Batteries in cars that are sometimes used for brief excursions might not be able to recharge absolutely, whereas batteries in vehicles that are left in place for an extended time naturally self-discharge. Employing a maintenance charger can maintain the battery ultimately charged and increase its helpful life in every one of those situations.

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Heat accelerates the chemical change that batteries used to provide power however additionally quickens the speed at that batteries deteriorate. The electric batteries might last 5 years or additional in cooler northern regions, whereas 3 years is additionally common in hot southern settings. To boot, batteries square measure exposed to a difficult setting below the hood, wherever temperatures will simply reach two hundred degrees Fahrenheit in weather. To cut back this heat, automakers might place the battery in an exceedingly secluded location, cowl it with protection, or move it outside the engine compartment, often below the rear seat or trunk floor.


Vibration, which ends with the physical degradation of internal battery parts, is the final essential part of battery life. Batteries square measure control in place and unbroken from on the road by special limitation hardware to cut back the impacts of vibration. Battery life is drastically shortened by missing or sloppy hold-downs.

Other Major issues

These are different factors that have an effect on the car's battery life. Even if it happens less often than the problems mentioned higher than, a broken charging system can shorten battery life. Consistent below or overcharging hastens the aging of batteries. for max battery life, bound more modern vehicles with absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries ought to monitor charging rates rigorously. The OEM might even modify the charging methodology because the battery ages. Finally, although a car battery is recharged and returned to use, doing, therefore, can considerably scale back the battery's period of time. Battery replacement service in Abu Dhabi is a one-stop solution for all your battery-related issues.

Warning Signs of a Weak Battery

If the starting motor cranks the engine slowly or the Battery/Charging warning indicator is on, you would possibly have a battery issue. Dim incandescent headlights, particularly once the machine is idle, are another sign of a poor battery in older vehicles. however, not all battery failures manifest themselves in visible symptoms.

Obviously, the battery is deteriorating if your automobile will not begin in any respect. it's feeble and unable to produce enough power to form the automotive. various issues, like a dead battery, a broken generator, or rusty cables, can be accountable for this. Have a mechanic cross-check it if you are not certain what is wrong.

Has the battery been checked at each car care to make sure the cable connections are clean and associated tight and also the limited hardware is stable to stop turning stranded thanks to battery issue? Has the battery been tested each year once it reaches the age of three? If the battery has degraded to the purpose wherever replacement is suggested to avoid a sudden failure, take a look at can reveal that.

Your Battery Case is Bulging

Another indication that the battery is dying is if you look at the battery case and see it bulging. This may result from the associated overcharged battery or associate far more than gas within. In either case, this is not a promising indicator of the condition of your battery. Therefore, you must swap it out quickly. A defective cell can also be responsible for a bulging battery case. This means that the positive and negative battery plates square measure up-to-date with each other, heating them up. The battery's casing expands as a result of the heat-induced gas accumulation within the cell. If this happens, you must get your car inspected by a mechanic to check whether or not the battery is repaired or whether or not it must get replaced entirely.

Dim Headlights

The fact that your car's headlights seem more abundant variable resistors than they ever did might indicate that the battery is getting down to fail. The voltage output of a healthy, absolutely charged battery is on the point of twelve.60 volts. However, that voltage output can begin to decrease because the battery loses power. The headlights can begin to dim once the voltage falls to roughly twelve.40 volts.

Keeping an eye fixed out for any warning signs your car could also be making an attempt to provide you is essential since a failing car battery is far additional probably to go away if you are stranded. you must take your automobile to repair as before long as possible if it exhibits any of those signs.

Members will generally decide on car battery change Abu Dhabi service to possess a battery confirmed and replaced (if necessary) at their residence or place of employment.

Battery kind

As mentioned, ancient lead-acid batteries or the additional trendy AGM style are employed in batteries. Most vehicles on the road currently use standard batteries. Still, bound models use AGM batteries, which square measure way more spill-resistant and higher equipped to face up to recurrent discharge and recharging, like vehicles that feature stop-start engine systems to extend fuel potency. We tend to advise continually exchanging batteries with an equivalent kind that was put in within the automobile once it had been new as a result of charging strategies square measure often tailored for the battery kind.


Always get a brand new battery for your automobile from a high-volume trafficker with a current inventory. a battery that has already wiped out a major quantity of its operational life should not be left unused. Battery with associate extended full-replacement warrantee is another issue to see for. Quality batteries supply a free replacement if there's a tangle between 3 or additional years. once the whole coverage term ends, a guaranty that enters a prorated replacement amount earlier can need a little payment to exchange the battery.



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