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As the day advances, some of you start feeling tired, exhausted, and fatigued. Due to this, you find yourself unable to do the rest of the work for the day and have a strong desire to get refreshed or look for something that can refresh you. You start looking for the ways that can help you get instant energy. Here are some practical steps for your assistance:

1. Have a control over your stress

Many studies have proven that stress related emotions drain a large amount of energy from your body. Here, it means clear that you should stay away from getting stressed. To control your stress, you can talk to your best friend, divert your mind from the situation making you stressed, and consult a psychologist. Further, you can do deep breathing, yoga poses, and meditation.

2. Eat for energy

You would have noticed that you feel sleepy and tired when you take a large and heavy meal. Instead of taking three large meals a day, you should opt for 5-6 small meals and snacks. Having small meals can help you lower your perception of fatigue. Apart from having a balanced diet, you can opt for snacks, chocolates, and desserts. When it comes to eating chocolates, many of you are afraid of taking a bar of chocolate due to your diabetes. In such a case, you can opt for sugar free chocolates. These chocolates have no sugar, but assist you get recharged.

3. Reduce your workload or divide your work in small parts

Overwork or constant work makes you get tired of feeling fatigue. Whether the work is household, business operation, or official, you need to make it light. Never take a work as a whole. Instead, you should take it as several small parts. You can list the works you have to do and priorities based on the urgency. If you have to work for the whole day, you can divide into small parts and start working on the next after finishing the one.

4. Stay active

For being energetic all the time in a day, you need to be physically active. Several studies have discovered that taking moderate to intense exercises enable you to have a sound sleep at night. Exercising improves oxygen circulation in your body and releases several stress hormones. You can start from a morning walk and move to a mild-high intensity exercise regime for being physically active.

5. Avoid smoking and drinking

Both smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are injurious to your health. These two lead you to have insomnia, a sleeping disorder. And any intervenes in your sleep obstruct you having no benefits of sleeping and make you tired. You must say no to smoking and drinking.

6. Control your sleep

If you think you are sleep-deprived, you should try to sleep less. It may be funny to you, but deciding how much you should sleep will help you have a sound sleep at night and avoid being in the bed. As far as possible, you should avoid sleeping during the daytime. However, you can take a power nap for 10-15 minutes to get energized.

7. Drink water and take a cup of coffee

Taking a glass of water makes you stay hydrated and refreshed. You should drink a glass of water when you think you are exhausted or feeling tired. Further, you can take a cup of freshly prepared coffee. Coffee has caffeine, which increases your alertness and sharpens your brain. However, you should avoid taking too much coffee a day to stay away from sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.


Feeling exhausted, tired, and fatigue is common for all of you – working professionals, students, housewives. It happens to you when your body energy comes to a lower level. You need to take proper action to energize yourself when you feel you are tired. For this, you can follow the steps the write-up has discussed above.


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