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Are you a Muslim and wish to be completely attached with prayer for your betterment? Well, there are some most important obligations of prayer that no one should forget. These are not the fard, not all of them. But, there are some other types of obligations that you must know. For this, you should join people who have knowledge of deen but reading this article will be good as well.

1: Intention Among The Obligations Of Prayer

The first, most important and essential part of prayer is the intention that one must have for this. Are you praying and thinking that people should see you doing it and that is it? But, did you know this way your prayer will not be accepted? Instead, it will be in for you. So, never pray to please people; pray to please Allah.

2: Saying Allah o Akbar AThe Beginning

When you buy pray mats, you do have the intention, but what about obligations? Do you wish to do it in your own way? No, that is not possible; you must follow the Prophet (S.A.W.W). For this, you should say Allah o Akbar at the beginning. Takbir is an essential part of the prayer that takes you to the next parts of it.

3: Praying Postures

Praying is an essential thing Muslims should do. But, what if they do not have the ability to stand, they can sit and if they can not even sit, they can lie to pray. It is said that people who love praying would pray in any condition.

4: Reciting Surah Fatiha

Do You know Surah Fatiha is also an essential part of praying? Yes, it is, you must recite it to complete your prayer, and it is among the essential parts of prayer.

5: Raku

Raku is another part of the prayer that you must offer as well. You should know why it is important. Well, it is part of the prayer that is a complete posture, and you must perform it to complete the obligations.

6: Sujood

The sujood can be considered the heart of prayer. If you are stressed and depressed, this part on a pray mat will take your issues away. This one has upshots like amazing mindfulness and a feeling of comfort in discomfort situations. This is how prayer mats are friends. For Muslims, two sujood in a prayer rakah are obligations and they must offer that. These prayer mats are amazing Muslim gifts that people love to offer. You can use them to be as social as possible.

7: Sitting position

Sitting position is most of the time the last position praying, and it is an obligation as well. Here, in this position, you have to say some verses and Darood. And the last thing you do is saying salam while looking right on the shoulder and left. And this is the last obligation that you must do in positions. You can use a tasbeeh once you have performed it. And you can pray for the Ummah, people of your country and anyone who is close and special to you.


When we stand on a prayer mat, there are so many things coming into our minds. We have to be sure that we offer prayer the right way with all obligations, including standing, sujood and raku positions. And this makes our prayers complete, which makes them an essential part of praying.



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