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As a homeowner, you know that your lawn can make or break the exterior of your home. When it looks run down and unsanitary, the rest of your property looks just as bad. But when it's healthy and properly watered, it makes the remainder of your home look well-maintained. For this to happen, you have two options: manually water your garden or let a Denver sprinkler installation team install a new system. If you've been hand-watering your garden for a while, you're probably unsure whether a sprinkler system can make a big difference to your maintenance routine. These are some of the benefits you will see once you install an automatic sprinkler system in your home.

Save you time

When you think about your gardening, you probably think of the hours you spend mowing your lawn, weeding your garden beds, and carefully trimming overgrown branches and twigs. While these tasks take time, they are not the part of the landscaping that takes up most of your precious days off. At least not if you are watering by hand.

Using watering cans or hoses to water your garden can take hours every few days if you're not careful. Installing an automatic sprinkler system will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your yard. Instead of spending hours during the week carefully making sure, your plants are getting enough water, you will be able to focus on other tasks.

Reduce your water bill

It seems that watering the plants by hand would use less water. After all, you are monitoring the way the water penetrates the soil and you can stop spraying as soon as the plants get enough. But did you know that you are using more water than necessary?

When you water by hand, you can only water small portions of your garden at any one time. The delay in moving the hose and shutting off the water can end up wasting gallons every time.

With an automatic sprinkler system, the sprinkler covers more area and wastes less water. The result is a lower water bill month after month. Throughout the year, you could end up saving hundreds based on the size of your garden.

It reduces stress

When you're watering your garden by hand, you need to remember the last time you watered it, pay attention to the weather, and watch for signs of excess moisture in your garden beds. Unless you live to garden, this can create a lot of undue stress that takes away your ability to enjoy your weekends and your free time.

Automatic sprinkler system installations can change all that. Instead of worrying about watering your lawn, you can set a timer and let the system do it when needed. Even better, it works whether you're at home or out of town and you won't have to worry about landscape maintenance when you're trying to have fun.

Save you money

Let's review the idea of going on vacation. When you manually water your garden and landscaping, you will need to find someone to take care of them while you are away from home. And those people will rarely be willing to do it for free. You will have to pay them every time they come to the water. During a two-week vacation, this can add up!

An automatic sprinkler system will help you save money by skipping irrigation assistance. Instead, your system will take care of it. Better yet, you'll do it with less water, saving you more money on your water bill!

Add value to your home

It should come as no surprise that your landscaping can make a huge difference to your home's resale value. But having beautiful landscapes is not enough to increase the value. Think of it this way: Buyers are actively looking for properties that are easy to maintain. If they have to spend hours each week taking care of the landscape, they will find the property less attractive. After all, it will cost more to maintain.

Installing an automatic sprinkler system will increase the value of your property and can make your home more commercial if you think it will be sold shortly. New systems work incredibly well and always attract homebuyers who fall in love with the appearance of a property. The less time they have to spend caring for it, the more tempting the house will be and the more the house will be worth to them.

They are low maintenance

Many staunch hand waterers are quick to point out that their path is the ultimate low-maintenance method. While this is technically true, you won't have to maintain a showerhead, it doesn't mean that automatic sprinkler systems are not worth the investment. They are incredibly low maintenance when properly installed by an experienced professional.

You won't have to spend more time maintaining the system throughout the year, as long as you schedule an annual tune-up and a winter blowout to protect the lines. These can be done by your installation team. Even better, you don't have to be home for your appointment, so you won't have to change your schedule.


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