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Uncomfortable shoes can be one of the worst parts of your day. If you work on your feet or walk around a lot, you will be all too aware that your shoes are uncomfortable, and your feet might hurt as a result. From finding the right shoe inserts to how to break in your shoes, these tips can help your footwear be more comfortable and let you get back to what you love doing.

Make Sure You Have the Right Size

The first tip starts before you even buy a pair of shoes. You want to make sure that you are wearing the right size and width of shoes. The chances are good that your parents would buy shoes slightly bigger than you needed to accommodate your growing feet, but you may have never thought about the correct size for your adult feet. It’s worth your time getting your shoe size measured. Not all shoes are made the same, so it’s best to get a proper measurement of both your feet and the shoes you’re interested in.

Get Good Socks

Next, you want good socks. If you are on your feet all day, especially in hot and humid weather, you will want to wear moisture-wicking socks. Wool and cotton socks absorb moisture, such as sweat, and tend to stay wet inside your shoes, making your feet uncomfortable. With moisture-wicking socks, your feet will be less wet and dry faster.

Use a High-Quality Insole

Using insoles or inserts can greatly improve your comfort while standing, walking, and working. Most closed-toed shoes and boots have a removable insole, meaning you can switch it out for something more comfortable or suited to your foot. For example, you might want insoles for flat feet, a thicker sole for more cushioning, or more evenly distributing your weight. Other insoles might have shock-absorbing technology, especially helpful if you walk around most of the day.

Break Your Shoes In Slowly

New shoes should be broken in slowly if possible. Wear them for just a couple of hours, rather than all day at work or at a fancy event. A pair of socks can help speed things up. If you really need to break them in quickly, especially with leather shoes or boots, use a hairdryer, holding it between 8 and 10 inches from the shoe. Focus on areas that are tight, uncomfortable, or stiff. Do this for a few minutes for each shoe, and then walk around your house and stand in them. This helps the shoe conform to your feet.

Use a Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher can also help break in your footwear. As the name suggests, these expand the material. It’s a head start on breaking in, but you will still want to wear the shoes, so they form to your feet.

Apply Deodorant

Deodorant with antiperspirants can help stop your feet from sweating while also preventing slipping and chafing. You will want powdered formulas instead of gels. You can also use baby powder, dusted around the surface of your foot, to also help minimize rubbing and absorb moisture.

Waterproof Work Shoes

If you work in wet environments, you will want to waterproof your work shoes to make them more comfortable. This is true for anything from cloth shoes to military boots. Wet shoes mean wet socks and feet, and that’s never comfortable.

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