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Eyebrow stencils are tools that allow you to easily and effectively shape your eyebrows without having to freehand the right shape. Simply align the stencil with your brow and fill in the shape. While brow stencils can be an excellent tool for creating effortless, stunning brows, they can also be challenging to utilise properly.

If you're interested in giving brow stencils a try, continue reading to learn how to apply them flawlessly every time.

1. To Begin, Prime Your Brows

It's critical to prime your eyebrows properly before attempting to utilise an eyebrow stencil. This priming step helps keep your brows in place and the product you apply to them in place for a long-lasting finish.

Secure your brows with a clear wax to prime them. Comb the wax through your brows and shape them according to your preferences.

2. Obtain the Appropriate Shape

You should not simply pick up any brow stencil and attempt to sculpt your eyebrows with it. Always strive to pick an eyebrow stencil that closely resembles the form of your natural brows.

If you have thin, round brows and use a dramatic, arched brow stencil, your brows are likely to appear unattractively artificial and unnatural. Brow stencils are not intended to be used to create fully new eyebrows. Choose one that matches your natural brows.

3. Align Properly

Use your index and middle fingers to align an eyebrow stencil properly for smooth product application. Spread your two fingers apart in a peace sign formation and use these fingers to push the stencil against your brow. This posture should assist in maintaining the stencil's position and preventing it from moving around as you apply product to it.

If at any point, you get confused and want to consult permanent makeup eyebrow specialists, feel free to contact us at any time.

4. Adjust Appropriately

When you reach the arch of your brow, you may need to reposition the stencil. It's acceptable to reposition the stencil slightly to fill in either side of your eyebrow. Once you've reached the arch of your brow, you can move the stencil to more precisely mirror the form of your natural brow.

5. Retouching

You cannot expect to avoid some freehand brow touch-ups, even after using an eyebrow stencil to shape them. After completing your application with the stencil, remove it and use a small angled brush to connect the arch of your brow and do any necessary touch-ups to improve the natural finish of your eyebrow.

6. Make Use of Concealer

After stencilling your eyebrows, clean them up by lining them with concealer. Apply a thin layer of concealer around the whole circumference of your brow with an angled brush. Outwardly blend the concealer till it appears natural against your skin. This concealing phase aids in the creation of a more clean, natural-looking finish for your eyebrows.

7. Ensure That Your Stencil Is Clean

After each usage, it's critical to clean your eyebrow stencils to prevent them from accumulating oil and makeup residue, which can cause acne and skin irritation in the following applications.

It's simple to clean a brow stencil. Simply dampen a cotton ball with light makeup remover and wipe the stencil clean. Then, simply store the stencil in an open area until you're ready to reuse it.

Stencils for the brows can be scary. However, when used properly, they may shave significant time off your regular beauty process and leave you with effortlessly flawless brows. Utilize the instructions given by permanent makeup certified in Portland and Oregon to discover how to properly apply brow stencils for beautiful brows with no effort.


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