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It’s hard not to feel intimidated when you are prepping for your first bodybuilding competition. You may be well-versed in bodybuilding and have been grinding in the gym for years, but preparing for competition takes things to a whole new level. If you are ready to join the ranks of bodybuilders in the iron sport, grab your bodybuilder clothing, start working on poses, and follow these tips to help ensure you are ready to compete.

Start Prepping Early

Start prepping for your competition early—the date can quickly sneak up on you. One of the most essential elements of competition is prepping your skin, even before getting your tan. Your skin is always a factor the judges look at during competition. That’s why it’s important to take care of it, even if you have the best physique. Your first step is to start exfoliating about two weeks before the competition. You want to remove as much dead skin as possible so your skin accepts the tan better. You will also want to shave your body using a high-quality razor blade. Don’t bother with an electric razor, as it won’t cut hair short enough.

Get Help From Others in Your Community

If you are going to a competition, chances are you are part of a bodybuilding community at your local gym. You probably already wear bodybuilding clothing to represent your love for the iron sport, and you know you can rely on your community for help and suggestions. The chances are good that someone in your community has taken part in a competition. Ask them for tips on the local circuit, such as what the judges look for. Collecting bits of wisdom from competition veterans could give you an advantage when you take the stage.

Wear the Right Clothing During Breaks

On the day of the competition, you will want to wear loose, lightweight clothing in dark colors. Your tan will undoubtedly get on your clothes, and it’s harder to see on dark clothes. White shirts will get stained, so that makes darker colors your best bet. Plus, socks are not a good idea—wear sandals or flip-flops instead. Avoid heavy materials and opt for soft, silky clothes.

Bring Backups

Bring backups of everything you might need to get in the zone and rock the competition like your best training sessions. Bring extra clothes, headphones, and anything else you might lose, misplace, or potentially forget in the hotel room.

Don’t Bring Sprays, Deodorant, or Lotion

Unless you want to discolor your tan, ditch the sprays, deodorant, and lotion. Be warned that hairspray could also turn your tan yellow, orange, or even green. It’s best not to use these products until after the judges have tallied their scores.

Be Prepared for Anything

Your duffel bag should be stocked with the supplies you need to keep you prepared for anything. Water will help you stay hydrated, an electrolyte drink can keep you going, and a banana can provide extra potassium. You might also want to bring a sugary snack in case your energy gets low and extra towels because you never know when you’ll need them.

Work on Your Poses Weeks in Advance

The secret to a high placement is the right combination of your physique, tan, and posing. That means knowing how to display your physique is key. A month before the show, start practicing your posing with 10 seconds per pose. Every week, add 10 seconds until you can hold each pose for 40 seconds. You may only need to hold a pose for five seconds at the competition, but being able to hold it longer means you can practice your form and technique, making sure you’re ready for anything on the day of competition.

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