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One of the most versatile packaging solutions in the industry is the Pillow Boxes. These are manufactured using high-quality materials. Normally a single sheet of Kraft paper is used for manufacturing these packages. The fact that these are made from Kraft makes them more durable, and apart from durability, these are also highly printable. These boxes are shipped in flat shapes, but the assembling process of these packages is simple. These boxes are available in different sizes, so they are capable of accommodating various products. Mostly these boxes are used for gifting because they have a unique looking design.

Your packaging is capable of more than just accommodating your products. You can use your packaging boxes for a variety of purposes. These are the perfect advocates for the growth of your business. If you are new in this business and you want to make the perfect looking Custom Pillow Boxes, then you need to follow these seven tips to prepare your boxes for the USA Market. 

Get to know your Target Audience

If you are looking to create the best Custom Pillow Packaging, then the best way to do this is by getting to know what your customers are expecting from you. These are the people you are going to sell your items to, and their opinion matters. Especially in the US, there are a variety of target audiences, so the best way to do this is by conducting a small survey for your precise audience and ask them what they would like to see or what their idea of a perfect pillow package is. After that, when you provide them with the design they wanted, it will make them feel close to your brand, and it will help you in gaining their respect.

Study your Competitors

One other trick that will be vital for your success is to know what your competitors are doing, get to know your biggest rivals, and study what they are doing and what makes them special. It is vital to note that you do not have to copy them, as what might be working for them might not work for you. So do proper research and then decide what you can do with your Custom Printed Pillow Boxes to give your customers a better experience.

Start Designing Early

It is always vital to start early than starting late. The best benefit it provides you is that you have the space for making mistakes. Therefore, start your design phase early and experiment with several designs. If you are not creative enough yourself, then you can always hire a designer for you from various freelancing websites like 99designs and Fiverr to help you get started. Now that you have some designs in your hand. Ask your customers on social media pages about what style of Custom Pillow Packaging do they like the most. And what things can you improve on if you have an already existing design?

Design According to your Product 

One mistake that many companies make while designing their Custom Printed Pillow Boxes is that they tend to go overkill with the designs. Or they do not design it according to the product. Always design your packaging based on what is inside the box. If your product is a cosmetic item, then you would need a package that is sparkling and designed to attract a certain crowd. So the illustrations and the finishes applied to it must be chosen accordingly. However, if you are targeting a relatively mature audience, then a mi9naimalist design coupled with a matte finish will do the trick for you.

The importance of typography 

Customers love to read what is written on these custom pillow packages. It can be seen clearly in the Custom Pillow Boxes in USA that these are designed exclusively to make it easier for the customers to read. The typography is vital in the overall look, as it increases the chances of customers getting attracted to your packages. It creates a good first impression on the customers. So always make sure to use bold fonts and attractive text colors that are in contrast to the packaging color so that it is easier to read. Provide your customers with maximum information about the product and always include the benefits of your products over the rest in the market.


One thing that you should consider before ordering your Custom Boxes Wholesale is the protection of your packaging. Living in a world that is currently taken by storm due to the Covid-19, protection of both kinds, i.e., self-protection and product protection, is absolutely vital. For self-protection, use materials that are less likely to catch germs and are safe to touch. Vinyl is a good option for this purpose as it adds a transparent layer on top of the pillow packaging, and it acts as a protection layer. For product, protection makes sure to use Kraft of high quality and thickness of minimum 10pt to 15pt. This will make sure that your products are not damaged by the stresses that your package might carry while it is in transit.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

The importance of green packaging in the US cannot be questioned. The US is one of the few countries which is highly participating in the war against non-eco-friendly items. Therefore, the general public also loves the companies and the products that are using eco-friendly packages. So if you are looking to make way to the hearts of the customers, then you must put a logo on your pillow packages to indicate that your packaging is eco-friendly and that it is biodegradable.

The US market is one of the biggest and most competitive markets in the world. Therefore you have to do proper research to reach success. You need a clear idea regarding what steps you should take to ensure your success with Pillow Boxes. So get your brain thinking and come up with the right strategy to beat your rivals.


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