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As the world gradually grows digital, more companies are demanding localization services of their video games, apps and websites. Localization is a budding area in the translation industry, undoubtedly. Yet, there are many more traditional language translation services that are always popular. We will discuss the top seven here:

1.    Afrikaans translation services

London has a huge population of people who speak Afrikaans. It is a recognized minority language in Namibia and the official language in South Africa. It is the youngest official language in the globe and Africa’s third most spoken language.

There are Afrikaans speaking communities on a smaller scale living in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. Afrikaans language translation are in demand nowadays.

Afrikaans translation should be carefully selected by considering their translation costs, native translators, subject matter expertise, and experience of the translators, etc.

2.    Czech translation services

Czech language shares similarities with other Slavic languages such as Russian and Polish, but it was also influenced by German and Latin. The Czech speakers are mainly in Czech Republic where it is an official language.

The Czech language has over 10 million native speakers around the globe. You may not find many foreigners speaking the language, which is very difficult to learn and which is only spoken in Czechia.

You don’t have to worry about Czech translation when you can connect with experts.  Czech language translation can be availed by professionals with experience and subject matter expertise.

3.    Arabic translation services

With migration of Arabic-speaking people, Arabic immigrants need to understand the services they need for everyday life.

Arabic businesses have a solid client base in almost every country around the globe, most of which have rewarding potential.

So whatever services or products your company is providing, you will need Arabic translation services to make your products' policies, specs, procedures and regulations understood by the target audience. Choose an Arabic translation service provider keeping various factors like native translators, experience, cost of translation, subject matter expertise, etc in mind for optimum outcome.

4.    Amharic translation services

There are over 22 million Amharic speakers around the globe. If you want to target this audience you need quality Amharic translation with keen attention to detail that is delivered by language professionals who never save money.

As per recent studies, Amharic language translation plays a vital role in engaging customers. It is said that customers spend their time reading the data in their native language, they trust your brand. This is why they look for qualified Amharic translation services to present the information accurately and correctly.

5.     Croatian translation services

Croatian is an official language of Herzegovina, Bosnia, and Croatia. Croatian is also spoken as a minority language in Italy, Serbia, Romania, Austria, and Montenegro.

Majorly the population attains fluency in the language and there are over 5 million native speakers of Croatian. To capture the Croatian speaking audience, you will need Croatian language translation. Choose Croatian translation services that are affordable, timely delivered and accurate.

6.    Danish translation services

Danish is spoken by over 6 million people globally. Most live in Denmark, but Danish is also an official language in Faroe and Greenland. Danish is derived originally from Old Norse, it is a North Germanic language and part of the Indo-European language family.

For capturing a huge Danish-speaking audience globally, join hands with a professional Danish language translation service provider.

7.    Finnish translation services

The Finnish language has its roots in the Uralic language family. It is most widespread in Finland with a share of over 93%. A total of around 5.4 million people globally speak Finnish as their mother tongue. The Finnish language is known to be difficult for English speakers to pick up.

Why do you want to learn Finnish when you can partner or employ a Finnish translator or Finnish language translation service provider.




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