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Have you ever tasted Lavazza a modo mio? If you are a real coffee lover and have had Lavazza coffee the right way under the suiting environment, you’ll feel like you are sitting outside a cozy coffee shop in Italy rather than your living room. 

Here are some Lavazza tricks to make the best coffee for yourself – 

Start a Day like an Italian 

Italians are known for their big heart and joyous nature, but did you know how they get their happy mood? Simply, they start their day with a freshly brewed Lavazza a modo mio. 

No Italian breakfast is complete without luscious pastries and a cup of cappuccino. The perfect cappuccino contains an equal amount of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. In Italy, it’s a saying—the better quality of the espresso, the better your day. 

Warm your Soul

When you are ready to face a snowstorm or bomb cycle, you can stock up some Lavazza compatible pods in your kitchen and stay warm without heating. Early, people used to warm cups of coffee to keep them warm during the harsh winters. So, you can make some coffee and warm up your frozen fingers. 

A Perfect Start

Whether you want to chat with your old friend or get to know your crush, just invite them over a cup of coffee and develop an eternal bond. One coffee date can introduce you to your life partner, and many world level diplomatic decisions have been made over coffee. So, whenever you wish to start a new relationship, just buy Lavazza capsules. 

Appetite Settler 

If you had a big lunch and now you can’t concentrate on your work with your bloated stomach and sleepy eyes, you can make yourself a big coffee cup and settle your stomach. The coffee helps in digesting food quickly and alerts your mind. That’s why mostly Italian end their lunch with a cup of coffee—always. 

Cook with Coffee

From rich deserts to aromatic stews, pasta, and chicken—you can have hundreds of different dishes with coffee. The strong pungent and bitter flavors of coffee can be harnessed in numerous different ways to cook mouth watering food. Thus, if you are looking to add some new flavors to your grandma’s pasta recipe, use some coffee. 

Alert your Mind

Whether you have to do a marathon study for your upcoming exams or you need to stay attentive for an important business meeting, just a shot of Lavazza coffee—your brain will automatically start working overtime. The caffeine present in your coffee will stimulate your nerves and increase blood pressure—and keep you alert. 

Uplift your Mood

When you want to uplift your mood after a bad day at work, you can brew a strong espresso and spike it with a splash of alcohol. You can make grappa or sambuca for yourself and instantly uplift your bad mood. 

Coffee is a magic potion that can fix everything—saying that won’t be wrong now. With a cup of coffee, you can make new friends, recharge your brain and make your life a lot of fun. So, to buy Lavazza capsules to change your life, you can visit the Gimoka Coffee and order some of the best quality coffee beans. We always offer fresh, aromatic, and strong coffee beans. 


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