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Like anything else the one thing that will not change and always remain trendy is gold bands and rings as they exhibit luxury and class. Gold has been a symbol of eternal love, purity, and strength.  This precious metal has been treasured, valued, and turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry throughout history. All these qualities make gold the perfect metal for a custom engagement ring at jewelry stores downtown in Pittsburgh.



Choosing gold as your engagement ring can make you different from the monotony of diamond dominance. So if you are planning to get on one knee and take the next step in your life make it with gold! 


Since is a metal that everybody loves and is adored for its shine, before making the final decision you should know about the advantages of choosing a gold engagement band.


Advantages of Gold Bands


  • It has healing properties.
  • It helps in regulating body temperature and promotes immunity.
  • It is claimed to dilate tissues and relax the areas where it is worn.
  • It enhances oxygen intake in one’s body.
  • It attracts positive energies.
  • It brightens the mood.
  • It keeps one’s skin young with the alluring glow reflected onto the skin. 
  • It helps in treating skin infections.
  • It is suitable for daily wear and tear.


Now that you know the benefits of gold, you might want to know the types of gold as well, right? So here’s,


Types of Gold

  • Yellow Gold

It is gold in its natural form occurring golden in color. Pure gold is actually very soft to be used in jewelry of its own. Thus it is combined with other metals and alloys to make it stronger and more wearable. The alloys/metals used in mixing are usually copper, zinc, and nickel.

  • White Gold

It is created from yellow gold that is alloyed with nickel or palladium and zinc. The combination of gold and palladium is very malleable and perfect for fashioning intricate white gold ring settings. Its combination with nickel creates an alloy that is strong and used to create rings & hear wearings. An alternative to platinum, white gold gets its bright, silvery-white finish from Rhodium plating. 

  • Rose Gold

It is an alloy made of gold and copper leaving a reddish hue. It is also known as pink gold. It communicates luxury, affluence, and elegance. It also appears romantic, refined, and composed. 


Now that you have gained knowledge about the different types of gold available for you to choose an engagement ring, you might be interested in proposing with one as well but though a gold ring is feasible for daily wear it needs to be taken care of as well so here’s, 


How To Care For A Gold Band?


The durability and low tarnish of gold make it a great choice for any lifestyle. But cleaning it on a regular basis is a good choice. You can clean your gold band by soaking it in a mix of gentle dish soap and warm water. It’s truly a great choice for anyone, especially if you want to wear your ring 24/7 and don’t want to worry about daily maintenance. See, it is that simple.

When you've decided a classic gold band is right for you, you can invest in a piece you'll enjoy for a lifetime by visiting Broff’s Diamond & Loan Co. which is the best jeweler in Pittsburgh exhibiting a stunning and shiny collection of gold rings. 


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