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8 Home and Building Trends for 2022

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The pandemic has wholly changed everyone’s lifestyle. This major shift has impacted how property forecasting looks at the home and building design trends for 2022. Due to the increased restrictions on non-essential travels, significant adjustments have highlighted the importance of having flexible living and working spaces to maintain a healthy workplace and standard of living. As a result, it is crucial to consider giving homes and buildings an open plan approach as well as being prepared with devices that allow residents to carry out casual work wherever they are inside or outside of their homes or buildings such as portable tablets or laptops; this will help accommodate their lack of mobility options during this challenging time.

Workspaces at Home

Work-from-home arrangements were a lifesaver for many companies during the outbreak of an unstoppable virus. While most governments have eased those limits, it seems like big tech companies are offering their employees the choice to either work from home or come into a typical office environment now. It’s up to them how they want to work, and we don’t expect some backlash from those who choose to work from home more often than in person. Remote work will become even more popular in 2021 because it makes intuitive sense. As employers rely more on employees working remotely, homeowners also need more extensive or better workspaces at home to dedicate to their businesses. 

Homes With Versatile Layouts

Many property owners struggle to make the most of their cellars, attics or garages. Open-plan spaces can help homeowners add infill to extend living areas, thereby adding a much-needed extra bedroom or utility room into the mix! They recommend having an open-plan living space if you find it challenging to fill your home with exciting and attractive furniture from Creative Floor Solutions.

Highly Functional Living Spaces

To create a working space conducive to productivity, you must design your home office with work in mind. For example, windows should be big enough to let natural light in. Natural light can contribute to employee happiness overall, lowering frustration levels and ultimately leading to enhanced productivity throughout the office. When designing your home workspace, comfort is also an important consideration.

Interesting Textures

That’s not to say that you should keep your home traditional, though. Alongside the seemingly all-too-common color palettes, the trend will focus on exciting textures such as wallpapers made from grasscloth and velvet, for example. These textures can make your neutral colors come to life. Going beyond walls, homeowners will consider the rest of their interior decor items such as furniture or accessories when developing their palette. For instance, placing textured furniture like a rustic table or herring-bone-designed cabinet in the home can spruce up a neutral-hued space setting.

Earthy Tones and Textures 

When painting your home or building, neutral colors are typically recommended because they create a sense of comfort and coziness in your space. Earth tones are trendy due to minimalistic trends, so think beige, olive, rust, cream and khaki. Using these colors will help you achieve the feeling of tranquility while still providing an impressive aesthetic. 

Kitchen Wood Floorings & Quartz Countertops

2022 Kitchen Trends predicts wood flooring and quartz countertops will be more popular than marble countertops. Homeowners have been using marble in their kitchens for years because of its durability and great aesthetics. Unfortunately, both materials tend to be quite costly and have a higher risk of breakage – so you’d see some pretty steep repair costs over the years. Quartz is easier on your wallet and can make any design trends you wish come true, as well!


With the design and living trends in every structure shifting over time to reflect fluctuations in lifestyle traits, it’s essential for anyone who lives in an existing home to think about implementing even the most minor design changes that can make a big difference among family or roommates. If you haven’t much opportunity for significant remodeling projects right now, there are still many ways to express how you live your life amidst those living with you. As a leading construction and infrastructure services building companies, we provide specialist design and build capabilities.

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