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Dermal or soft tissue fillers are injectable substances injected under the skin to treat several cosmetic issues. Dermal fillers treatment in Hyderabad is one of the best choices for individuals who desire to reduce aging skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines and add volume to areas of the face that have lost fullness. This remarkable procedure can transform an individual’s appearance and restore youthfulness and confidence. However, several myths have emerged along with dermal fillers' growing popularity. In this comprehensive blog, we aim to dispel common myths about dermal fillers and provide accurate information to help individuals make informed decisions.

Common Myths About Dermal Fillers

Here are the Common Myths About Dermal Fillers  

Myth 1. Dermal Fillers Are Similar to Botox

Fact: One of the most common dermal filler myths is that dermal fillers and botox are the same. However, dermal fillers and botox are two different procedures. Botox or botulinum toxin temporarily paralyzes the targeted facial muscles to reduce wrinkles caused by facial expressions. On the other hand, dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, to plump areas that have lost volume. 

Myth 2: Dermal Fillers Are Only For Older People 

Fact: While dermal fillers' main benefit is addressing the signs of aging, they also offer a range of other benefits to younger individuals. Dermal fillers plump up lips, correct any asymmetries, and enhance facial contours. Moreover, they help individuals who have experienced loss in facial volume, regain a fuller appearance. If any individual wants to know if they are suitable for undergoing dermal fillers, they can get in touch with Dr. Ravali Yalamanchili, a skilled skin specialist in Hyderabad, at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic. 

Myth 3: Dermal Fillers Are Painful 

Fact: One prevalent concern among individuals considering getting dermal fillers is the fear of pain. However, individuals undergoing dermal fillers will only experience mild discomfort or temporary redness at the injection site. Also, the needles used for injecting dermal fillers are minuscule in size, and the jab is not painful. To provide comfort, the expert skin doctor will use an anesthetic to minimize any pain. 

Myth 4: Dermal Fillers Can Stretch and Sag Skin 

Fact: This is yet another misconception about dermal fillers. If performed by a skilled skin specialist, dermal fillers add a subtle amount of volume to the area without stretching the skin. Moreover, dermal fillers are made up of naturally occurring molecules present in the body. These molecules are known for increasing collagen and elastic production. This can lead to a decrease in skin laxity, and the skin is less likely to sag. 

Myth 5: Dermal Fillers are Permanent 

Fact: Another common myth about dermal fillers is that it is permanent and irreversible. However, the fact is that dermal fillers are not permanent. They consist of hyaluronic acid, a substance our body produces naturally. With time, the body absorbs this hyaluronic acid. How long the fillers last will depend on the quality and brand of dermal fillers. On an average, natural fillers such as hyaluronic acid last 6-12 months. Synthetic fillers, however, last longer than a year. 

Myth 6: Dermal Fillers Will Make the Face Look Unnatural 

Fact: One of the most significant fears individuals have regarding dermal fillers is the fear of making the face look unnatural. However, the fillers are a substitute for the amount of fat tissue lost with age. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin that gets lost as we age. As a result, the skin becomes more dry and wrinkly. When performed by a qualified skin specialist, dermal fillers enhance one’s features while also maintaining a natural appearance. 

Myth 7: One Needs to Opt For Dermal Fillers Regularly 

Fact: As discussed above, dermal fillers are not permanent. It is also true that one would require repeated procedures to maintain the desired effects. However, most of the time, the frequency of the procedures is often exaggerated. Dermal fillers are long-lasting, but on average, they last for 6-12 months. After this period, one can decide whether they want to repeat dermal fillers or not. The frequency of dermal fillers will vary depending on the type of fillers used and where they are injected. 

Myth 8: Dermal Fillers Have A Lot of Negative Side Effects 

Fact: If performed by a skilled and experienced dermatologist, the side effects of dermal fillers are minimal. Individuals can experience mild side effects, such as swelling, redness and soreness at the treated site, lasting only a few hours. 

What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers? 

At Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic, dermal fillers cost between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 25,000. This depends on the type of fillers used and the area where the fillers are injected. 

Considering Dermal Fillers? Trust the Skin Experts at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic 

If one is considering undergoing dermal filler treatment, one can consider consulting Dr. Ravali Yalamanchili, a skilled dermatologist at Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic, the best skin clinic in Hyderabad. 

Dermal filler treatment helps to plump up lips, define a jawline, fill out sunken scars, soften facial lines, contour nose profile, plump up sunken cheeks, contour nose profile, etc. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit Neya Dermatology & Aesthetics Clinic to benefit from dermal fillers and achieve a younger appearance. 

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