What is Mangools? Well, if you’ve had anything to do with digital marketing, blogging, or any kind of online business in the last couple of years, you most likely have come across the term SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This refers to the different elements that add visibility to a blog or company’s online presence. Be it a local business, a small start-up,or a multi-national brand, the whole point of being online is to be seen and heard by potential and existing customers.

However, visibility is not as simple as it sounds, the internet is packed with thousands of businesses fighting for the attention of the same customers. This is why blogging has evolved into one of the major channels of communication, but even with blogging, standing out is still a complex task that requires strategies, techniques, and expertise that most people don’t have.

But Mangools is there to bridge that gap, designed, simplified, and packaged to cover everything you’ll ever need to meet your SEO goals, Mangools works as a one-stop-shop for all things SEO, and its toolset has many different tricks and best practices essential to every blogger.

What Can Mangools Do For You?

  • Beyond SEO, Mangools can give your blog the significant boost it needs to create awareness and visibility, pull traffic, and position your brand as an authority in its niche as well as convert leads into customers.
  • In addition, Mangools has the ability to help you keep track of your competitors and analyze industry trends before your competitors.
  • The Mangools toolset has all it takes to provide the consistency you need to improve customer experience and build a trustworthy relationship with your audience.
  • Organic traffic is the most reliable source of conversions, making SEO and by association Mongools a vital tool in this digital climate.
Mangools Keyword research

Mangools Super Powers

The beauty of a Mangools subscription lies in its  tools and key features, it's easy to use interface, affordable pricing, and swift customer service. If you want this bad boy to work for you, you’ll have to make good use of its keyword research tool, the rank tracking tool, backlink analysis tool, competitor analysis, and SERP analysis tools. Let’s take a closer look at these super features to know why you should be using Mangools.

Mangools KeyWord FInder

1. KWFinder – Mangools Keywords Research Tool

Keywords are the backbone of every SEO campaign, they lay the foundation for rankings on Google, making the right keywords highly sought after and very competitive. But with KWFinder, you get to see the top ranking keywords in your niche, view competitors' rankings for the top keywords, and get ideas on past trends relating to your keywords and industry.

KWFinder by Mangools

All you have to do is type in a word and get suggestions, stats, along with a bunch of related keyword ideas. When rightly used the KWFinder becomes a dreaded weapon.

SERP Checker by Mangools

2. SERP Checker Tool

You should be using this tool to analyze your keywords, the SERPChecker is simply amazing because it reveals how saturated a keyword is on Google, it breaks down every keyword giving you a detailed analysis of how many times it appears on Google’s first page. If your intention is to get on the first page of any search engine, Mangools SERPChecker is your best shot at figuring it out.

SERP Checker by Mangools

Mangools SERPChecker is a cool tool that allows you to size up the competition by analyzing domain authority, page engagement, and consistency. With the results from this tool, it becomes quite easy to figure out how to rank your content with organic search.

SERP Watcher by Mangools

3. SERPWatcher Rank Tracker

Another awesome tool within Mangools that gives you daily ranking reports, data to measure your progress is the SERPWatcher. It generates a reliable list of relevant keywords, categorizes each new keyword, and ranks them for you.

SERP Watcher by Mangools

With Mangools SERPWatcher you have the latitude to experiment with as many keywords as you want until you find the winning word with high volume and little competition.

LinkMiner by Mangools

4. LinkMiner The Ultimate Backlink Analysis Tool

Backlinks are as important to a blog as good content. For your blog to rank on Google you need to build quality backlinks. The LinkMiner tool’s job is to run a backlink analysis, by calculating the strength of potential websites, rating backlinks, and referring websites according to overall scores.

LinkMiner by Mangools

You can’t go wrong with Mangools LinkMiner, it points you to trusted URLs and domains already sorted out based on nofollow/dofollow or Alexa ranking. Such backlinks are a jackpot for every blogger out there.

Site Profiler by Mangools

5. SiteProfiler

As its name suggests the SiteProfiler tool does a pretty good job at profiling websites, be it your blog or that of a competitor, all you have to do is insert the domain into the pop-up and the tool shows you valuable data on the site.

Site Profiler by Mangools

Everything from stats to metrics, insights, and backlinks are outlined with SiteProfiler.

How cool is that?

6. User Friendly Interface

One of the things most users enjoy about Mangools is how easy it is to use and navigate, the interface is very user friendly and designed for easy understanding even by beginners. As the company’s mission statement clearly states: ‘‘Our mission is to make SEO reachable for everyone from very beginners to true professionals thanks to a super user-friendly interface’’.

On every Mangools App, data is clearly displayed for quick understanding, and every metric is explained in detail, most of the buttons are labeled in bold easy to read characters so you can always know what you’re looking at and how you can use it to your advantage. In short, SEO doesn’t get simpler than this.

Mangools also has a Chrome and Firefox browser extension you can install, this is ideal when you want quick access to Mangools without logging in. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL onto a toolbar in your browser extension and reap all the benefits Mangools has to offer.

Mangools Pricing

7. Pricing

If you want to use an all-in-one tool with rich features without breaking the bank, Mangools offers great value for money. The pricing ranges from basic to premium plans costing $30-$80/monthly to annual subscriptions of  $349 – $949.

You get the same features with every plan, the only difference is in the number of searches allowed monthly. Annual plans offer a 40% discount and there’s also a 10 days free trial you can try out to make sure Mangools is the right fit for you.

8. Quality Of Customer Support

Given the importance of customer support to consumer culture, it’s only fair we evaluate Mangools customer support compared to other SEO tools. What’s great about Mangools customer support is that they have a live chat feature. Yes, Live Chat! This means whatever help you need or questions you have are dealt with instantly. It doesn’t get better than this, the live chat support makes Mangools customer support top quality.

In A Nutshell

If you’re a blogger or someone who deals with SEO and you don’t have a huge budget, Mangools is for you, it is much more affordable than Ahrefs and SEMrush two of the other top SEO tools in the market. For a basic plan of $30 a month, a whole lot of functionality has been rolled out to provide you with great value.

No matter the amount of data you need every month Mangools has a plan for you, even if you are an agency accessing data for several blogs. Mangools will give you the functionality of a premium marketing software, for a fraction of the price. The best shot a blog has at getting a to the top is with organic traffic through SEO and this is the edge Mangools gives you.


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