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8 Service Industries That Are Managed By On Demand Economy

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In recent years on demand service industries have seen exponential growth. Right from grocery delivery, food, transportation, medicine booking, etc are the areas where the on demand marketplace is gaining momentum over traditional buying and selling methods.

As per the research reports, it is stated that demand for the on demand economy will rise to touch $335 billion by 2025.

According to a recent report around 86.5 million Americans own one of the top on demand services.

With on demand service industries switching to on demand delivery apps a lot of operations have become easier. It means through apps you will get the profits the market will help the business prosper. The apps help customers buy according to their needs at a reasonable price without any hassles. It will help businesses attain their goals.

8 Major Service Industries That Adopted The On Demand Services Model


The introduction of on demand services in the healthcare sector helped solve a lot of issues without any external support.

Today, buying medicines is easy and with a few clicks/taps, you can order the list of medicines you need. All you need to do is to select the medicines you want, pay the bill, and can get them delivered to your doorstep.

On the other hand, the app allows you to book an appointment with your doctor and get medical reports. On demand technologies changed the way the healthcare industry operates. Patients can receive their prescriptions online, order medicines, and even consult a doctor online.

When it comes to healthcare mobile application development it offers different features like

  • Sharing medical data
  • On demand delivery of medicines
  • Booking doctor’s appointments online

Food Delivery


It is one of the most popular on demand service Industries, where an on demand food delivery app helps people get the food delivered from their favourite restaurants. Now, you can have cashless transactions on all your food orders. Hence, a lot of eateries have joined the module. Thus, on demand delivery services have seen a rise in recent years.

This on demand service industry has seen a significant rise as of today and is likely to witness even more by 2025.

Transportation & Travel

Talking about transportation & travel, it is the most popular industry that is adding to the growth of on demand economy service. For example, platforms like Airbnb and Uber possess an on demand economy. The on demand transportation and tour apps are receiving 75% of funds which come majorly from on demand start-ups.

Retail and online marketplace

Retail and online marketplace own the improved version of the on demand economy and on demand app. For retail businesses, apps have proved to be highly beneficial as it becomes easy for the customers to place an order and get products delivered at home. Also, they get competitive prices and the apps take care of the security of their customers by integrating secure payment methods on the app.

On demand delivery service is the best way to offer huge transformation and contribution to the on demand economy.

eCommerce Industry

Ecommerce is a different sector and its presence was not felt before on demand services came into existence. The e-commerce sector has seen massive growth because of on demand services.

On demand e-commerce apps have helped customers and traders to sell and buy almost anything online.

Most of the items we purchase today are available online like home décor, clothes, etc., The accuracy of the e-commerce industry fulfils the on demand delivery services effectively.

Professional Services

It is the vast industry that has seen a visible transformation in the context of the on demand economy. The professional service industry consists of the highest potential and covers different services like Carpentry, Mechanic, Carpentry, Household work, Pest Control, Electrician, Plumbing and Babysitting


Logistic-based services and on demand courier delivery service sectors have seen a significant change after the introduction of on demand economy.

The industry has offered services more efficiently than before. It helps users to track their cargo at each stage from dispatch to delivery.

Real Estate Industry

As per statistics the real estate industry has added to on demand economic growth. The users and the real estate agents are switching to on demand applications to attain modern solutions that replace traditional methods to make the process easier and reap the benefits like

  • No need for brokers
  • Affordable price
  • Timeliness
  • High efficiency
  • Digitized process
  • Seamless selling/buying of products

On demand real estate app development will accelerate economic growth to a large extent

Hire Professional On Demand App Development Company

When you have an on demand app in your mind, you need professional on demand app development services. Apps on Demand helps transform your ideas into reality. With vast experience and a talented team having extensive knowledge, we deliver effective on demand app development solutions that help you sell your services efficiently.


When it comes to on demand services application development, it is going to bring in a bright future to replace the traditional way of operating for many industries. If you want to develop a scalable on demand app, then make sure you approach a professional mobile app development company.

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