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‘Good Ideas Start With A Coffee.' And while drinking coffee, read the freshly brewed blog, where you'll get some amazing and useful coffee table decor ideas.

One by one, the following blog unfolds some of the amazing decor items that tempt you to add to your coffee table. We got you covered in whichever style your living room is, either boho or minimal. From functional to decorative items, educational to playful items, or simply visually and aesthetically pleasing decor items, you'll get insights and ideas in each category.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down and read while enjoying a coffee!

Start With A Decorative Coffee Table Tray

What do you see first on a coffee table? A tray decorated beautifully with potpourri, candles, or decorative stones. Trays come in different shapes, such as round, triangular, or free-form. You may choose trays with or without handles as per your decor style and preference.

This Golden Butterfly has four sections where you can serve different snacks. The textured detailing in a gold finish adds luxury to the space. It is handcrafted with aluminum in a butterfly shape. This functional and decorative tray is suitable for festive decorations and tea parties.

Add Height With Candle Holders

One of the best coffee table decor ideas is to add height with decorative or functional items. Candle holders are one such functional item that adds a decorative accent to the living room. You may group some taper candle holders or use candelabrum to create a centerpiece on a coffee table.

candle holders

You can use a stylish Callisto pillar candle holder to create visual interest in a living room. This sturdy and durable stand is made of Stainless steel. In addition, stainless steel is reusable and recyclable, which makes the product sustainable and eco-friendly. These gold candle holders emanate elegance and look chic when placed on a coffee table.

Or Opt For Some Scented Candles

Fill up the room with an aroma of vanilla, jasmine, rose, or sea breeze and a warm glow of candles with scented candles. It is an easy way to create a pleasing environment. Floral and citrus scents in candles are evergreen choices and make the room smell fresh. They are therapeutic in nature, such as citrus for refreshing, jasmine for energizing, and rose for stress relief.

scented candles

The Shahi Rose Glass Candle spreads the smell of fresh roses. The hand-poured wax in handblown glass features three variants: red-blue swirls, polka, and white swirls. Decorate the tray with these candles and some flowers, and let it please your senses.

Choose Cool Coasters

cool coasters

Add luxury to your living room with cool coasters that reflects your personality: hygienic and organized. These are beneficial in many ways:

  • Protects coffee table from water stains.
  • Hard coasters prevent the tumbling of coffee mugs.
  • It is a thoughtful gesture to offer coasters to guests.
  • It is easy to clean them.
  • They can hold a vase, candle holder, or trinkets.

Leather Coasters are perfect for your drinks to sit on. These are made of faux leather and are available in two colors: brown and taupe. The six handy coasters are a wonderful addition to the coffee table, a side table, and a dining table. You can also use them as tea coasters. These elegant and stylish coasters can go with everything.

Stack A Few Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books

A coffee table book is a large, illustrative, pictorial, and decorative book that suppose to be a focal point of the coffee table. It attracts attention and is one of the coolest coffee table decor ideas.

Why you should keep a coffee table book?

  • It is a source of information and offers educational value
  • Leafing through a book can be a relaxing activity.
  • It is visually appealing and tempts people to open it at least once.
  • Special editions, cloth binding, and collectors editions make the books worthy to possess and display on coffee tables.

Arrange Decorative Vases For Flowers

A wonderful coffee table decor idea to spread colors and fragrances is by keeping decorative vases. You can use small bud vases that are minimal in design and holds single or two buds. The size of the vases should be chosen so that they do not obstruct the neighbor's view. The flowers add texture to the decor style.

Decorative vases for flowers

The minimalist Gulbagh Vase is handcrafted with metal and white marble, bringing Mughal architecture and its grandiosity to life. You can beautify them with the gracious presence of artificial or silk flowers. Its different sizes can style or highlight other decorative items.

Have Fun With Board Game

chess board game

Everyone should spare some time to play board games. These are convenient and portable games that can be played with family and friends.

Why having a board game is one of the best coffee table decor ideas?

  • It stimulates the intellect and improves cognitive skills.
  • Many board games also improve behavioral skills such as communication, time management, and critical thinking.
  • Playing games after a long day is a stress reliever.
  • It is one of the best offline entertainment for children and adults.

Incorporate Decorative Objects

decorative objects

With its gracious and poised movements, this Ballerina will enchant you. It can be a conversation starter about ballet or related art forms while enjoying your hot coffee. This decorative object is made of resin and has clouds as its attire. The structure of the cloud in white color is a striking element of this figurine, and it seems as if she is emerging out of them.

unique figurine

Book Reading is a unique figurine in an abstract style. The human figurine is holding its head and reading the book, which is placed in its head position. It is available in seven vibrant colors to enhance your living room decor.


We've discussed all creative coffee table decor ideas: from functional scented candles to decorative objects. You can also mix and match these decor ideas to create a unique look. You can place flower vases beside decorative objects or scented candles on a table tray. If you want to look for more such items, we recommend you visit Arcedior and choose what fits your coffee table.

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