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8 Traditional Meat-Preservation Strategies Worth Considering

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Many people preserve meat because it includes tossing unused portions in the freezer. While the modern preservation method is more suitable, there is a list of traditional meat-preservation techniques that one should not overlook. These old-school strategies can add both flavour and excitement to meals. An outline to top 8 traditional meat-preservation methods to get creative ideas for preserving meat for future reference. 




Dehydration is such process that removes moisture from the meat to avoid oxidation and spoilage. Drying the meat is one of the oldest forms of preservation. If you live in hot or dry weather, you can chop the meat into very thin slices and hang it directly under the sunlight. You will need to remove maximum fat to accelerate the drying process and avoid the meat from becoming stale. Other methods include the use of modern technology. For example, you can buy a solar dehydrator to streamline sunlight. 




Curing the meat is another old-school preservation method. The Ancient Romans opted for this method to transport the meat throughout the empire safely. This method is still popular because it works well for all kinds of meat, whether red meat or fish. This method is also famous for working fine on both cooked and uncooked meat. To cure the meat in modern times, remove maximum fat and then lather it thoroughly with ample salt. Please keep it in the refrigerator or any cool places for atleast one week, and then rinse the salt with water. In the final stage, wrap the meat tightly with fine cheesecloth to ensure safe eating over the next couple of months. 



Smoked meat emerged from humid climates where drying meat was nurtured to be impracticable or impossible. This method has the benefit of rendering meat highly flavorful and delightful. Whether you buy a portable smoker or build your smokehouse in the backyard, this method is the best way to make delicious smoked beef, pork, or poultry from the excellent organic meat Brisbane has to offer.




Most people will associate freeze-drying with present-day TV dinners. However, this method emerged with the Incas in the 15th century. The Incas had a fundamental form of freeze-drying to preserve the meat at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains for a longer period. The freeze-dryer creates a frozen vacuum around the food and then removes excess moisture, preventing spoiling.




Canned food was developed in 19th century France to preserve food for army and naval use. Most people will associate canned foods with vegetables. You can also preserve meat with the use of a pressure canner. One should avoid other types of canners, such as water-bath canners. Still, a pressure canner uses high temperatures to destroy bacteria before storing the organic meat sunshine coast in the air-seal container. 


One of the oldest European meat-preservation methods is brining. The word “brine” is synonymous with an Old English word for saltwater. When you soak the meat in a mix of salt and water with vinegar or brown sugar(optional), the salt marinates the meat and prevents bacteria from spreading. 


Biltong is a traditional African method to make jerky. This process includes soaking the organic meat Brisbane in vinegar before flavouring it with the preferred spices. When the spices have been absorbed for a few hours, hang the meat in the sun to dry. For ages, African tribes have preferred this method to preserve the meat with no refrigeration. 


The lard usage is very old-school and traditional for preserving the meat and organic beef sunshine coast quickly. Larding means covering meat fully with lard fat and storing it in an air-seal container like Crock-Pot. This method works well because the lard stops the air from hitting the meat and prevents the bacteria from developing further. If you go for this method, you should always store the meat dry and cool. It would be best not to store it in a hot environment to prevent lard from turning stale. 


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