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8 Ways To Make Money During COVID-19

Due to COVID -19 social distancing has changed the way that we live at home, go to work, and how many of us handle our day to day lives. This situation has created economic uncertainty for many people and raises questions about how we make money moving forward. 

Like many other historical moments, we are forced ourselves to move beyond our traditional way of thinking when it comes to making money and we have to create new ways to supplement our income.

It’s sad but true that the COVID-19 outbreak hits people across the globe. Due to the worldwide lockdown economy of each country downturns heavily that makes the people difficult to survive. 

But, there are still a lot of options and some high-yielding practices from where an individual can earn money during these tough times and boost our ability to find new income strategies. Here are a few ways from which you can earn a few extra bucks during the COVID-19 quarantine:

1. Initiate With Blog Writing

Have a unique writing skill? Start with your own blog. It is the appropriate way to establish your skill to flourish in the professional arena. You can create a blog based on engaging topics and upload it at regular intervals.

You can also take an idea to earn money online with blogs from the internet.

Ensure that the blog you create must be based on audience interest or trendy topics such as health & fitness, lifestyle issues, or hacks on earning money online. In case you unable to write the content as per audience interest then no matter how effective is your blog – there would be no reader.

2. Be A Logo Designer

If you have an artistic eye then be a logo designer and design logos for businesses. If you have the skills of using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw and know drawing, then designing a logo will be an easy job for you.

Initially approach to small businesses and build your reputation – always have sample beside you so that whenever business owner demands you can mail them.

3. E-Commerce

To run an e-commerce business, only resourcefulness is needed – no huge money is required. If you don’t have arrangements for products, you can buy and re-sell them or act as a portable for different shops to sell the products through you.

4. Be A Social Media Manager

If you have good knowledge related to social media, this profession is appropriate for you. To be a social media manager, you must have the skills and ways to engage with clients.

You can also learn and utilize the analytical side of things and organizing ad promotions, as well as creating reports. You can also Hire PPC experts from us at an affordable price.

5. Graphic Designer

The graphic designer job is somewhat like logo design but has a bigger field: The stuff like comics, brochures, digital paintings, adverts, and animated cartoons comes under this term. If you learn the graphic program from the internet, you can tackle the client from home.

6. Search Engine Optimization

The most convenient job in digital marketing is search engine optimization, but for that, you should know analytics and marketing tools. Hire SEO experts for your business growth and take your business to heights.

The working of the job is to decrease the image size, research popular keywords, and create content. The payment will run parallel with the client’s business improvement.

7. Google Ad Management

If you have a good knowledge of Google ad manager and easily handle the Google Suite to design and run the ad promotion, then Google Ads manager would be a great job. You should always know the trick on how to improve the clients’ business that will bring you more trade.

8. Become An Online Tutor

Quarantining has led to a new wave of social distant tutoring. If you have a bachelor’s degree and the right training, being a tutor could earn you between 14 and 60 dollars an hour, making tutoring one of the more lucrative ways to make money during the COVID-19 crisis.

You can also hire experts for developing an online teaching mobile app.

Online tutoring apps offer a way to make money on the side and even launch a full-time tutoring career. You can teach anything from traditional schooling to cooking, fitness, DIY projects, and much more!


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