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9 BUSINESS IDEAS THAT IS HUGE 2022 Sponsorship GET NHS Contracts Episode 4 Healthcare Business 101

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I'm going to be talking to you today about how you can get started within 30 days and that is by you approaching other healthcare organizations to get you going as quickly as possible.

I'm going to talk to you about nine tips of how you can get NHS contracts and this is nine simple steps to get in there.

So you set your agency up you're ready to go you're feeling super excited but what happens now you come to a standstill so what do you do how can you get clients how can you get these big contracts that everyone wants in their healthcare business but where do you start now?

  1. Stay focused – stay focused you've got to keep focus with your healthcare business you've got to keep focused and you've got to implement if you don't implement then it's not going gonna go anywhere you're gonna be still stuck so please keep focused
    that's tip number one
  2. Do your research you've got to look for what contracts that you're wanting to apply for as an organization don't deviate from that
    stick to the plan you implement and now you must do your research look at the type of contracts that you want for your organization will you be providing personal care will it be mental health services
    will it be children's services will it be support services will it be
    supported living services what type of contract do you want to apply for for your organization
  3. You want to implement you've got your clients list so now you want to be able to have this list and now you need to start looking at this list and working towards contacting your list
  4. Next one you need to act you've got to act with consistency in order to get your candidates the work that they've applied to you for they've applied to you for a job you need to be able to start looking for a job as you're recruiting you've got to look for jobs to see how you can place those candidates that you're looking to get work in for one way is when you interview candidates ask them where they've worked before what agencies they work for and then what organizations did they go into that is a need as well that's the fast
    way of getting a contrac5.
  5. You want to get a mentor now you need a mentor to help you keep focused to help make you accountable to help you keep on track stage by stage it's like building a house you're not going to start off with the roof first you're going to build the foundations and you need to have your foundations in place like you would building a house so you need a mentor now i know a lot of you are going to different people getting different information from well imagine you're cooking something and you've got nine people nine cooks around the same pot putting their ingredients in of what they think that they should be having as a meal for it to taste delicious what do you think that will taste like what do you think that will taste like ingredients in i don't think the results would be very good so please stick with a mentor so they can guide you use one that knows about health care because they're more specialized they're more niche to be able to give you the transformation that you're looking for
  6. Now this is important it's about NHS contracts you've looked for NHS contracts and now how do you get them how do you get those contracts you need to ensure that a you've got some experience and that's why I am giving you these tips but they're going to ask you for what experience do you have what contracts have you got or done who have you approached for to become a NHS provider this is the types of questions that they're going to ask you what insurance do you have what is your business plan what is your price list what prices can you account for when you say this is my price well what is the breakdown of that save for example 30 pounds an hour what does that break down to what's your staff cost what is your
    building cost what's your insurance cost what's your insurance cost what is your software cost they'll want a breakdown of why you are charging this amount for example carry on from that you need to think about the locality of where you're going to be looking for work for NHS for example is there a particular need that they are short of I would look at going in through that avenue first I would look at looking at if there is a shortage need it could be the locality it could be hard to reach areas for example it could be that there is a shortage in a particular type of service
  7. Look at the care homes that are around you and contact them because they have a shortage as well and because this will be a good way of getting a reference from a care home so you're able to apply for these NHS contracts especially look for care homes that are doing sponsorship whereby you can place staff permanently
    or temporary by recruiting staff members from abroad there'll be a list of sponsors within the UK care homes NHS hospitals for example look at approaching those organizations from the list here that I'm going to be providing you with to see if you can meet their needs provide them with staff members from abroad
    i.e sponsorship
  8. Look at sponsors there'll be a list here in the youtube video there's a link here for you to click you will find some sponsors they are a way of looking at providing staff members too so care homes like i said those that are sponsoring you could look at placing staff members there also for example you could approach home care agencies because home care agencies also have a shortage you can look at subcontracting with other home care agencies supported living accommodation for example or sheltered housing
  9. Subcontracting you are a new agency you've just started out okay you don't want to be running before you can actually walk look at organizations who have already been awarded these large contracts they may be struggling to help support that contract you can subcontract with them and split the difference with them with regards to the rates that they charge and it's a win-win situation for everyone you can get a reference from them because the old purpose of you doing this is to apply for the larger NHS contracts for example so you need to get that experience as being a subcontractor in order to to learn how to manage a service but also to get NHS contracts so look at other contracts that have been awarded to other organizations contact those organizations to say hey I've got some staff members who are complying qualified to do the job can we meet up and can we discuss this further
    because subcontracting is a good way for you to learn how to manage your agency for example and then you can then apply for the bigger contracts with the NHS to show that you have that experience and that you're able to demonstrate that.

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