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Each calendar year, the digital marketing industry evolves and becomes more complex. Along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), branding, and UX, marketing professionals must manage new marketing channels, evolving regulations, personalization, automation, and high-quality content. Thankfully, there are many new digital marketing trends that play essential roles in marketing campaigns. 

RH Studio is a highly successful SEO Company in Hong Kong and incorporates digital marketing trends to grow its online presence and stay ahead of competitors. 

Being well-informed about algorithms that work, and the latest changes or features can give you an advantage over the competition and help you create the most efficient marketing campaigns for your business. 

In the past, voice search optimization and artificial intelligence weren’t popular, but today they’re among the most followed digital marketing trends. However, they are just two of the new technological advancements mentioned below that can help your business succeed throughout 2022. 

AI in Marketing

This is one of the most powerful digital marketing trends listed in this article. The world is currently enthralled by artificial intelligence and the role it will play in our lives in the coming years. 

Did you know more than half of the total users on the internet are already interacting with AI chatbots to answer their questions across multiple apps and sites?

AI can serve a variety of purposes and benefit any digital marketer who understands how to utilize it. Not only is it cost-effective, but also precise and highly efficient. Now that many large businesses have adopted AI as a marketing technique, others should have plans in place to integrate AI into their arsenal of tools. 


Chatbots are thought to be among the most popular digital marketing trends for 2022. The AI-powered technology uses instant messaging to communicate with customers and site users. It’s designed primarily to communicate with customers through either audio or text messages. 

Essentially, businesses can use chatbot capabilities to interact with their customers.

As there are many people visiting a site simultaneously, it’s best to have a tool that can answer hundreds of users at the same time. This is where chatbots show their strengths, as customer service is available 24/7 and provides instant responses to queries and simple questions. 

Most users prefer using chatbots to interact with companies or brands. Additionally, virtual support translates into exceptional customer service. This means that businesses can separate themselves from routine tasks and concentrate on aspects that help grow the brand and reach wider audiences. 

Marketing on Video Streaming Platforms

Thanks to 5G technology and improved mobile data plans, streaming videos has never been more straightforward and accessible on mobile devices and tablets. This is one reason why the success of TikTok was initially possible; anyone could take a video from any location and decide to upload or stream it.  

As a result, video marketing is a major digital marketing trend for 2022. If you’re not creating marketing videos, you should seriously consider adding it to your digital strategy, otherwise, you’re missing out on a huge visual-orientated audience. 

Local SEO

Hyperlocal SEO is the latest algorithmic shift and is based on using a person’s name, address, and phone number to provide geographically precise results. This can range from simple questions like “closest ATM near me” to “where can I buy coffee?”

The most impressive aspect of this strategy is the ability for companies to establish a solid local market for their business. With the help of voice search, users can type specific keywords that quickly locate a way to connect to your business. This is an excellent opportunity, especially for small business owners. 

RH Studio’s SEO services in Hong Kong markets businesses to local audiences, helping both small and large businesses to target their most relevant audiences, right on their doorstep. 

Telling A True Story

The art of storytelling is essential to marketing your brand. And when it comes to selling your product in today’s market, customers are tired of hearing how your product or service is superior to that of your competitors. Instead, they want to know if you live up to your promises and exceed their expectations. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop and let sparkling reviews speak for you. As an alternative, your marketing strategy needs to evolve and focus on compelling stories.  

Rather than simply telling customers the advantages of your product or why it’s superior to your competition, demonstrate those aspects by telling stories and testimonials from customers. Show, rather than tell, your customers how a product or service can assist them in solving their issues. 


A new trend in digital marketing explores the avenue of Influencer Marketing. However, this concept has remained largely untested in a crowded market compared to other trends in this list. 

You may be curious why we’re mentioning micro-influencers but not macro-influencers. Well, not everyone appreciates the hype surrounding macro-influences, and these high-caliber individuals can end up tarnishing businesses rather than making them shine. Therefore, businesses are now using micro-influences as a more authentic and genuine approach to reaching target audiences. 

The right micro-influencer can become the greatest advocate for brands by impacting people on a more emotional level through storytelling and engaging narrative. 

Social Media Stories

Social media platforms are at the center of digital marketing trends, ever since Snapchat first arrived on the scene several years ago.

Instagram is the next top viral platform for social media stories, followed by other major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter. 

As it stands, we can safely say that stories aren’t a short-lived trend in digital marketing. They’ve been around for a while and are expected to grow in popularity in 2022. 

Social media stories are an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to share their real-life content more often, and to those who want to view them. 

Instagram Reels

Since TikTok is restricted in many countries, Instagram reels serve as a perfect replacement and have become a significant opportunity for content creators and marketers. 

The main reason online marketers jump on this trend is that reels offer more than double the engagement rate compared to making standard videos. And, with the recently introduced insights feature on Instagram reels, you can also monitor your performance more effectively and analyze your efforts. 

So, how can you use Instagram reels? Well, as a marketer, you could display various kinds of content, including informative information, behind-the-scenes clips of your organization, reviews of products, etc. 

Always remember that a successful reel or video strategy is required to keep your audience’s attention in 2022. 

Experiment Using Live Video

While you’re crafting your social media marketing strategy, don’t be afraid to experiment with different features on those platforms. One example of a useful feature would be live video. 

For instance, live videos allow you to reach out to specific geographical audiences, based on the filters and location tags you include. Local audiences can be targeted in this way and bring sales to your doorstep. 

Live video also makes it easier for consumers to take advantage of the latest offers available. Additionally, it’s an excellent way of making solid calls to action, whether that’s engagement, site registration, or purchasing products and services. 


Following and implementing top digital marketing trends is a priority for those crafting successful campaigns. Follow these strategies and trends to grow your online space and get results. 


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