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9 Things To Consider When Buying A VIVA Fitness Equipment

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With so many unique fitness equipment at our disposal, the difficult task is choosing the right one. Be it a yoga studio or aerobic centre or fully-functional gym, investing in the fitness equipment needs a lot of thinking and planning. It is also important to check whether the equipment offered by a particular store is not overpriced. For that, comprehensive research becomes necessary. Check out the different brands and equipment prices they put forward to make an informed decision. Of the many fitness brands, VIVA Fitness is a well-known one.


VIVA Fitness is a premium fitness equipment brand that offers excellent studio fitness experience. With more than 12 years of experience in gym planning, this particular brand is committed to distributing some of the world’s best fitness equipment. From hi-tech treadmills to ergonomic bikes, cross trainers or studio fitness equipment, it provides it with all in this crowded world of fitness. 

Know about the various equipment available

As a consumer, you must be aware of the different fitness equipment available in the market. It is also important to understand its usefulness and applications. Fitness equipment is generally divided into two categories: strength fitness machines and cardio fitness machines. Som depending on your purpose, you can shop for fitness equipment. For doing cardio, VIVA Fitness offer equipment like stationary bikes, hi-tech treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and stair steppers. On the other hand, examples of strength fitness equipment include dumbbells, stability balls, leg press, mechanical shoulder press and many more. 

See if the pricing is affordable

Everybody wants to avail the best fitness experience at reasonable pricing. And today’s markets offer a myriad of fitness equipment at a wide range of price points. Therefore, purchasing the right kind of equipment can be very confusing as it generally requires a huge investment. Here at VIVA Fitness, you can get a varying range of fitness equipment. From home gym equipment to commercial gym equipment, you can get it all. Depending on the budget, you can look out for either the top-notch workout equipment or comparatively basic and budget-friendly models.

Know your fitness goals

It is advisable that you buy fitness equipment that would suffice your body’s needs and preferences. For instance, if your goal is strengthening your heart, a simple run on the treadmill would serve the purpose. Strength training also helps strengthen bones and build muscles. With VIVA Fitness, you can also get fitness tips and purchase additional fitness equipment as per your needs. 

Make your workout session competitive

Sometimes working out solo becomes very boring especially if you have set up a home gym. To increase the activity of workout sessions, consider using the multi-station machines. These machines allow multiple people to work out simultaneously, which may benefit everyone. Though the machine is a bit expensive, if you invest in it once you will get long-term benefits. 

Determine your workout plan

Your choice of buying fitness equipment will be determined by your workout level. For instance, people who already are fit, yet want to get a perfect beach body can contact an elliptical trainer. It works like magic for a full-body tone up. This equipment provides mixes of arm and leg workouts. Also, if you want to tone calf-muscles, steppers can be a great choice. 

List down your equipment preferences

If you don’t like running and you have set up a treadmill, it can be considered that the investment has gone wrong. Instead of buying fitness products under peer pressure, it is recommended that one should get the products that satisfy their needs and which they find comfortable. Remember to make your workout session fun and productive by listing down equipment preferences. 

Brand-new fitness equipment or second-hand equipment 

It is a known fact that new fitness equipment is more reliable than the old ones. However, before purchasing one make sure it act as per the set regulations. Also, look out for safety ratings on all the latest equipment and know its usefulness. When it comes to short-term commitment towards fitness goals, second-hand equipment is the best option. Like brand-new fitness equipment, with second-hand equipment individuals must check with local consumer authorities. 

See if they help with installing the equipments 

Another important factor that most people overlook while purchasing fitness equipment is the delivery and installation of the machines. Some machines are foldable, have wheels or are equipped with an inclined platform. It is easy to assemble such machines. On the other hand, there are machines that take hours to install and without expert assistance the process becomes impossible. Thus, before planning on buying fitness equipment, give a thought to installing the equipment. 

See if they provide additional customer service

We know that machines do not come with life-long guarantees. Thus, in situations, if the home fitness equipment or commercial gym equipment causes any trouble make sure you can raise the concern at the customer service base. 


So, before buying a VIVA Fitness product consider the above-mentioned factors. You can also check out VIA Fitness equipment from platforms like Focus Fitness. It is a fast-growing solutions provider in the field of fitness and health. Also, this fitness retailer specialises in commercial and home fitness equipment by providing best-in-class products. It also features fitness products of other brands like Total Stretch, Freemotion, Power Plate, Hoist Fitness, Viva Fitness and more.


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