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There are so many food tracking apps on the Play Store. Some of which are featured on our list. Here are the top food tracking apps for android, which can help you gain some perspective on your diet.

Food Diary

If you’re looking for a calorie tracker and trying to figure out what exactly I was consuming daily, I found Food Diary. One of our top picks is Food Diary because it is extremely basic and doesn’t get in your way with accounts, or subscriptions which are useless. As the name suggests, it is just a food diary, and it completely fits most people’s needs.

There is a calendar for a bird’s eye view of your meals. It lets you include extra features in your diary, such as exercise, medications, and supplements. Since it loses the database for you to search, you have to either do your research or read the label on your food. There are ads, but you can skip them to support the developer.

See How You Eat

It notified me of the intuitive Eating movement, which compares what we usually think of when losing weight. See How You Eat, a kind of food tracking app. Rather than being focused on counting calories, it tries to make you more conscious of what you’re eating now.

It is a system that I like since it asks for you to think critically about what you’re eating compared to what your body needs. There is a focus on whole foods, eating when hungry, and stopping when full. Also, this app wants you to click pictures of your nutrition for your logs, which helps you make good choices for the next one.

However, See How You Eat keeps you encouraged to do better the next time instead of giving up. It is a handy app I recommend if you want something completely different from the usual calorie counting routine.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret Calorie Counter app is our final top 3 pick, for a good reason. This app is for those people who want a more traditional calorie tracker; look no more FatSecret. Although, it performs as much of the same things as Food Diary, including an account and subscription model. It is a complete-featured app that does its best to be as minimal as possible. While other apps, a few of which are on this list, bombard you with options and features, FatSecret keeps things minimal yet powerful. This app lets you keep track of your exercise, meals, and weight. 

Lastly, FatSecret boasts a community factor to keep you motivated and engaged. When you do things solo, it feels overwhelming but having a community of people going through the same thing can be helpful for your success. It syncs with an account and is free, with a subscription unlocking many features.

Here are a few more food tracking options for you to check out.


It is a kind of default calorie tracker for a lot of people. It is a powerful app full of benefits such as a massive database of food items, a recipe importer, a barcode scanner, and many more. This biggest downside is that Under Armour pushes the subscription model on you. It has many features to like about MyFitnessPal, especially all the integrations it supports, along with physical devices for workout tracking. It is costly, but you get a lot for your money.

Stupid Simple Macros Tracker

It is a simple app that can help you to visualize your macros and a good starting point for understanding nutrition for sure. There is a diet method known as If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) in the fitness world, which amounts to eating what you want within the bounds of your daily needs for protein, fats, and carbs. Also, there is a database for searching and adding food.

Directly tell the app your macro goals and what you’ve eaten that day. Also, you can “save” macros for later for special occasions, along with tag foods with cute icons to help you check what you’ve eaten.


This app is all about educating the food you’re eating by helping you to examine the calories you’ve consumed. In changing your diet slowly and adopting better habits, you’ll find that the weight loss will come in due course. That’s what makes Fooducate special, in that it helps you to change your relationship with food, exactly like See How You Eat does. Comparison this with a minimal counter-calorie like MyFitnessPal or FatSecret. It is a high cost to unlock, though.

Lose It!

Lose It! is another awesome calorie counter app and can track calories based on the pictures you take of your food, though it looks a bit incompatible. Also, it comes with extra diet plans, a vast food database, and a barcode scanner. Apart from calories and macros, it tracks your workouts, sugar, water, and sleep period to give you a complete view of your diet and fitness. It is free with a subscription for many features.

It has a huge list it can do, so make sure to check out this app if you’re looking for something new. Even it has workout instructions to get you started in shape.

Protein Tracker

Protein is the key to improving and maintaining muscles, so having an app that can help you track how much protein you’re eating is essential for people working out and looking to pack on lean mass. The main concern is knowing how much protein contains your meal, which requires research to find out. Also, you can check your history to see where you need to improve, maybe by adding chicken breast during the day or more quinoa with lunch.


Lifesum is one of the prettiest apps on our list, which is another popular option for those people who want to count calories and track meals with a gorgeous implementation of Material Design. It does everything so well, like support for multiple diets (low-carb, keto, etc.), macro counting and meals plans, and many more. Including, you can link it to Google Fit for a better, complete view of your nutrition and health. Although, the app focuses on improving yourself over time by developing better habits.

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