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9 Voguish Decoration Canvas Painting For Living Room

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Art imitates life and life imitates art. Add life to your walls with canvas prints that bring an artsy flair to the room. Your walls are the largest canvas you have, one must style them with wall decorations that make an impression. Wall decorations can be a kind of self-expression for most people. Just like other home decorations items, canvas prints must add value to your room. When you hang canvas prints in your living room, you not only add aesthetics but also let them narrate a story. This story must always reflect a version of you in itself. The splashing colours, the set narrative, the design and the size, all add up to make the canvas art speak for itself.

Through this blog, we bring you 9 voguish canvas paintings for living rooms that won't let you take your eyes off.

Ancient Indian Art Inspired Framed Canvas Print 

Let the magical air of Rajasthani art and culture bewitch your interiors. Inspired by the culture of Rajasthan, this canvas print has an exuberant blend of brown, gold, blue and yellow. The middle piece contains a portrait of the beautiful pottery culture while the side pieces signify royalty with elephants. These elements go best with retro style homes. This canvas print for the living room will add an artsy vibe to your room. The intricate design makes it perfect in defining style and charm in itself.

Valencia dreamlike Framed Canvas Print 

Home is where your heart lies. Make your home a living paradise with this one. This canvas print makes you feel like you're living a dream. It has a dreamy palette of blue, black and gold. It portrays the ethereal serenity of Valencia at night. The eerie calm of the print marks elegance at its best. For modern interiors, it's a perfect canvas print for the living room. It also has a sturdy outer frame to make the design look bold and stunning.

The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print – Multicolour 

If you are a creativity geek, then have a glance at this one. Available in sets of three, these canvas prints show portraits of women. Like no other painting, the women's minds are blown with the ecstatic beauty of florals. The extravagant flowers in yellow, pink and red add vibrance to the print. It suits best to modern aesthetics that define art and creativity with all the home decoration items. The hints of modern aura would not let you take your eyes off this blissful design.

Orion Geometrical Shapes Framed Canvas Print 

Bring a touch of symmetrical charm to your walls with this set of three canvas prints. It highlights several geometrical shapes with vibrant shades of grey, brown and ivory dazzled with hints of gold and copper. Adding to the grandeur of your living room, every element of these wall decorations makes it a masterpiece. The thoughtful choice of colours and designs add a lively vibe to your monotonous and dull walls. You can hang this piece behind your sofa console and let it do magic.

Synex Floral Ecstasy Framed Canvas Print 

Art gives more power to your room. Add the beauty of the intricacies of this canvas print for the living room. The ecstasy of vibrant florals brings synergy and radiance to the room. Every detail in this canvas print is handled with care, defining perfection with each stroke. The vibrant palette and the positive design, bring the sweet smell of luxury to your room. It is a solitary piece that stands out when hung anywhere in the room. The design and size of this piece make it bold enough to make a mark.

Shingora Abstract Modern Art Framed Canvas Print 

What is more artistic and inspirational than exquisite Shingora art? The vibrance of Shingora art will add flair and charisma to the aura of your living room. The sparking colours used in this canvas print will perfectly complement interiors with any colour palette. The aesthetics of this artwork is best suited to modern homes that mark style and oomph in all home decoration items. If you’re someone who has an eye for aspirational art, this one's for you!

Mysore Elephant Framed Canvas Print

Open your doors to the poise of the Mysore elephant to your home. Such wall decorations go best with traditional style interiors that have vintage aesthetics. The print shows an elephant in full grace, loaded with colourful jewels. The design marks royalty in every look. The design has a bold black background with anthe elephant in popping shades giving it a polished and magnificent vibe.

LA Vibe Framed Canvas Wall Print

Some like it hot, some like it artsy! Well if you like your home to be driven by the symphony of pop culture, these canvas prints are for you. Marking the culture of Hollywood in broadway-style wall art, this canvas print shows Roosevelt Hotel, Marilyn Monroe and the pop culture of 70s Hollywood. The colours chosen are vibrant and striking enough to make this artwork the focal point of your room.

Hello London Framed Canvas Print

Make your room look super chic with this London inspired artwork. Crafted with an exuberant colour palette, it shows the best landmarks of London all in one frame. From Big Ben to Royal March Band, the popping charisma of the streets of London is well articulated through this print. It is best suitable for modern interiors.

These were the 9 voguish canvas prints you must get right away for your living room. Stay tuned to know more.

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