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A Beginners’ Guide To Mountain Biking In Australia

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Mountain biking is a recently acquired taste, especially in Australia. It was born in the 70s when a group of some extremely crazy bikers who called themselves the “klunkers” went down the steep rocky path in northern California. These sudden antics led to the development of suspension and several other cycling accessories that eventually made mountain biking a fun and accessible sport for masses. Now you don’t need to travel to California to enjoy mountain biking, any place where you can get off the path with some knobby tyres or a compact folding bike in the trunk, can be the new mountain biking destination. It means geographic freedom and good times with your loved ones all around the year. But if you are still new to this and looking for some guidance, here are a few pointers that may come in handy for you:

  • You need to begin by choosing the right kind of ride for the task. Suspension is one of the first things that you need to keep an eye on as it will help keep up your speed despite the bumps, roots, popping rocks, and so forth. When used in the right manner, they absorb all the roadblocks and keep your ride smooth on all uneven paths. The tougher the trail the better suspension it demands. But know that the length and complexity of your mountain trail will be directly related to the price and weight of your bike.
  • Along with the suspension, the sophisticated technology used by the bike is also of utmost importance.low-cost bikes may look good in several manners but may lack the strength needed to pass through bumpy trails. Just make sure you spend enough to choose a bike that allows you to explore gnarly challenging trials to keep you smooth as you move ahead.
  • Then you need to look into gears and understand their ins and outs. Mountain biking gear needs to be stretchable and good with moisture wicking, however, the style should be relaxed with some extra room. Among other essential cycling accessories for this purpose, you may want to get some good quality elbow and knee protectors. For example, G-form offers flexible, lightweight pads that harden with impact instantly and do their job pretty well. Lastly, keep some amount left for a good quality helmet.
  • Find out the rating of the trail you choose for your adventure on the internet before starting. Just like ski trails, most famous bike trails and parks have been rated black, blue and green based on their complexity level. It is also advised to go for some training to develop some mountain biking skills and ability to handle all kinds of obstacles that were out of your imagination since the beginning.


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