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Ever since iPhone 5 has been released, the audience has loved its size and design. Now, iPhone 12 followed the same steps and managed to feel the same as the retro iPhone. If you were never a fan of the curvy edges, it’s good news for you as the new iPhone 12 has brought back the squared edges.

The colored model’s antennae bands are PVD and not merely clear covered like all the iPhone 4 models were. The glass doesn’t sit over the band, but it winds up feeling different, particularly with the back glass having a matte feeling, Apple presented a year ago for the Pro series.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t re-introduce the round volume buttons from the older iPhone period, which you might have adored if you were a user of the same.

The customary iPhone 12 has gone from LCD to OLED, which implies it no longer needs a backlight. That just leaves the non-coordinated screws on the iPhone 12 as the final design requiring a fix. Apple’s been leaving them uncovered metal on the aluminum models ever since the red iPhone 7 while color-coordinating them on the stainless-steel models. Certainly, PVD covering the steel screws may not impeccably coordinate the anodized shade of the aluminum. Yet, it is assumed that Apple’s team working on the colors will unravel that in any case.

Talking about the front glass of the iPhone 12, it is made with ceramic crystals, which are rigid and transparent. A strong glass was required to keep your phone from breaking, which happens quite often because of its slippery surface.

Other than that, if you’re looking for a fix for the scratches, unluckily, nothing can be done about that as it’s still the same. The phone is chemically hardened, but you cannot take that lightly. It is advised that if you’ve ever used a screen protector, you must continue to use the same to avoid any scratches or breakage.

As mentioned above, the ceramic crystals are used for the screen and present only on the front area. Therefore, the back still uses the glass the same as iPhone 11. It is essential to use a case to protect the same.

Undoubtedly, iPhone 12 has come up with a retro design, but it also differentiates itself from all other series. The new phone is a result of advanced technology and modern process. Therefore, you might want to keep it at its best, using safety measures to protect it from any wear and tear.

Source : https://thetrustblog.com/a-blend-of-iphone-12-and-retro-apple-design/


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