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Summer camp is often thought of as one of those essential parts of childhood. Over the past decade, the number of children attending summer camps has actually increased by more than 10 million, so this is one childhood tradition that’s not going out of style anytime soon!


To ensure that your child's clothing, towels, backpacks, and other belongings don't go missing while they're away at summer camp (or anywhere else for that matter), it's a good idea to mark all of their belongings with their names and phone numbers using high-quality camp labels.

Assuming you've picked and enrolled in a camp, here are some ways to label clothing and other important items that will potentially help to ensure nothing gets misplaced.

Stick-on Name Labels
Due to the convenience of application, stick-on labels are one of the most common types of camp labels today. When clothing needs to be tagged just temporarily, stick-on labels are the best option. These Stick-Ons don't need ironing. It is best to put the Stick-On directly on the manufacturers' label on the garment and to press hard on the Stick-On until it is firmly attached.

Clothing Labels
Whether you want to be more organized or you have numerous children attending summer camp, camp clothing labels can assist your child in keeping track of their garments while at camp. If you're looking for the finest camp labels for their clothing, durability and adherence are two aspects to keep in mind when doing your research.

Iron-On Labels
These labels are ideal for those who aren't very good at sewing or who don't have a lot of free time to make their labels. In the past, iron-on labels were prone to peeling, but now they're more durable and easy to apply. These labels may be used with a wide variety of fabrics, making them a great all-around choice. Each label is applied using a heat-activated adhesive to keep it in place.

Sew-On Labels
Stitching labels onto your child's clothing is a more time-consuming option. If you intend to give or pass on your child's clothes after they have been used once, sew-on labels are also the way to go in that case.

For decades, sewn-on labels have been popular, and for good reason. Any clothing item may be marked with them because they can be seen on any colored garment. You can also put them anywhere you like, not only on tags. They'll last a long time and are reasonably priced. If worn close to the neck, some people complain that they are itchy and uncomfortable.

Early preparation for camping is never too early. You may also ensure that your camper doesn't lose track of their stuff by labeling them, especially if they were just acquired specifically for the trip.

If your kid is heading to camp this summer, make sure they have strong labels on their gear to guarantee they return with everything they left with!

In terms of labeling clothing, there isn't a one-size-fits-all method that works well for all kinds of garments. Pricing for labeling varies, and whether the label is permanent or repositionable is a factor you'll want to weigh carefully.

Going to summer camp with your child is an exciting time, but one of the main concerns is whether or not all of their stuff will make it back! To make it easier to keep track of your child's possessions, Sticky Monkey Labels offers camp label kits that include customized camp labels.

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