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A Brief Guide to Identify a Reliable Supplier of Phosphoramidites

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Synthetic DNA/RNA is an important technique in therapeutic DNA/RNA research, which is the undisputed truth in the pharma industry. However, if you interview a certain number of researchers specializing in DNA/RNA related fields, they would give the feedback that looking for the desired DNA/RNA synthesis materials and identifying a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation would be one of the toughest tasks.


Since there are innumerable nucleoside/nucleotide suppliers over the world, it is indeed demanding and time-consuming to select the most suitable one to collaborate with. In view of the “pains” of researchers, here is a primary guide to finding who could provide cost-effective phosphoramidites.


To start with, when bumping into a seemly good supplier online, the first step is to glance over the supplier's nucleoside/nucleotide categories. As a qualified and competent (bio)chemical manufacturer, its product catalog should contain as many monomers as possible, or at least include some common and crucial ones like dye phosphoramidites, label phosphoramidites, linker phosphoramidites, RNA phosphoramidites, and spacer phosphoramidites. Phosphoramidites are of paramount importance since they are the most crucial building blocks in DNA/RNA synthesis. It's inevitable for researchers to apply them in their daily work. Therefore, not only varieties of phosphoramidites but also quantities as well as qualities are factors to be measured when deciding on an eligible supplier.


The second aspect researchers should look into is whether sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis materials are available from the candidate supplier. DNA/RNA can co-exist with many sensitive organic functional groups, for example, alkyl halides, benzyl halides, allyl halides, ɑ-halo amides, and esters. However, with the technologies already on the market, DNA/RNA analogs containing these groups cannot be produced because sensitive groups rarely survive under harsh conditions which happen to be necessary for the deprotection of protecting groups and linkers. Dr. Shiyue Fang's team broke the ice by offering a new technology using Dim-Dmoc phosphoramidites 1a-d and Dmoc supports 2a-d  for sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis. Some cutting-edge biotech companies have collaborated with Dr. Fang's team to provide sensitive DNA/RNA synthesis materials and supports. These suppliers, powered by a forward-looking vision, are certainly more trustworthy in the industry and deserve partnerships with researchers.


Other elements or details can also help tell whether it is the exact supplier that can meet all the research needs. For instance, strict QA and QC, GMP and ISO certified facilities all imply the guaranteed quality of offered materials. Mature project management, customized services, competitive price, and fast delivery on the other hand show the supplier's ability to provide worry-free services, which can save both expenditure and time of researchers.





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