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NFT launchpads are the new way to implement NFT marketplace ideas, deploy, and reap the benefits of the digital asset trading sector in today’s time within a very short period of time. Artists and creators are the most beneficial form this product. Especially if they are from a non-technical background with little to no resources to start a dedicated NFT marketplace of their own. The art in the digital asset trading platform is the biggest division among a variety of divisions present in the NFTs. Followed by gaming, music, metaverse, ticketing, and much more. Art, in the general sense, can be understood through various means. Art being digital and traditional – music, film & entertainment – celebrities and sports personalities, gaming interfaces, etc. All these can be grouped together as art in the NFT division, but the standard practices developed on the blockchain may differ. Many sub-niches are present in the already multifaceted sector.

Artists from all backgrounds – digital and traditional, can incentivize and create revenue from their art. This can be achieved on a global scale with the push of a few buttons. This power drip is what the no-code NFT launchpad captures. The most efficient and fastest way to get the marketplace rolling.

The new wave of trends that are established to be one of the best-sellers in the NFT markets are the projects with famous names attached to them. Celebrities, sports stars, and influencers are taking up much space in the NFT realm by putting themselves forward and collaborating with no-code NFT launchpads to develop their dedicated NFT marketplaces. This helps with the exposure of their brand and also exposes the use cases of the NFTs to a wider audience.


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