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In 2019, there were 23.9 million web developers in the world and is projected to reach 27.7 million by 2023.

And now, 2022 is around the corner, where web applications become the fundamental segment of business in this day and age. Developing a website or app and presenting it to the world create convenience for the people in accessing the services. However, this task isn’t possible without the help of a web development organization.

There is a wide range of web development services provided by agencies across the northern region of USA whether you live in Boston, Massachusetts, or Manchester, NH. The skilled and qualified team of these organizations builds a website by following the web development checklist.

Well, there is a complete web development checklist required for the web design process. This complete practical checklist plays a major role in launching a product successfully, attracting and keeping visitors, meeting business goals, and minimizing problems. Plus, it’ll also help in delivering a better product. Using this checklist for web development keeps the team on track and ensures that important tasks are not overlooked.

In the following write-up, we explain the most useful web development checklists, from pre-launch to coding, dealing with clients, and SEO marketing strategies.

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A Detailed Checklist for a Web Development Team

Web development is all about creating a specific internet application or a platform using coding and programming skills. It's a crucial and cost-effective solution that helps online businesses to reach new customers through the internet.

Following is the web development checklist required in the process of web design.

The Front-End/UI Checks

When it comes to building a website, JavaScript plays a crucial role, checking the terminal for every console error before launching or deploying it. Make sure all the keywords used in the HTML files should be informative and catchy in the perspective of SEO. The HTML, CSS, fonts, JavaScript keep everything in order and should follow all the limitations.

The front-end is designed using frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue. Ensure that website speed is high and running across the platforms and devices smoothly. Here is the following checklist that matters in the front-end:

  • HTML
  • Webfonts
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Images
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • SEO

In addition, the website should be functional and highly scalable because performance is a major key role in the front-end.

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The Back-End Checks

The back-end is all about the database, required for storing data. It's usually not visible to users. Having a smooth-running database plays a crucial role in securing and to fast a website or app. Because the front-end fetches everything from the back-end to display it to browsers. Taking into account the preventive measures will avoid data leakage, breaches, and other issues. Otherwise, an improper backend could lead to a major cyber-attack.

Generally, the backend relies on three things – Server, Applications, and Database. However, the best practices that matter in the back-end architectures are:

  • Data storage solutions
  • Security
  • Server environments
  • Application monitoring, and much more.

Deployment and Performance Checks

Deployment means transferring a website from the local environment to live servers. With the availability of the deployment team, they will check the average page loading time, which could be less than 2 to 3 seconds. Otherwise, it'll leave an adverse effect on a website. Make sure your website isn't hanging or remaining unloaded when multiple users are using it. However, there are some basic things you must take care of when deploying a website, including content and links to the web pages. Here are the following checklists:

  • Planning and Metrics
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Defining the Environment
  • Assets Optimizations
  • Build Optimizations
  • Delivery Optimizations
  • HTTP/2
  • Testing and Monitoring

Security Checks

Website security is the significant concern in any website. When a website has no security threats, customers can trust it, which leads to business growth. Two major checks must be performed:

Secure Socket Layer(SSL): This protects sensitive user data when inputted, such as banking/credit card information.
An Anti-Malware Program: It is designed to deal with threats and protect from viruses and malware.

Browser Compatibility Checks

How does your website look on different browsers? In order to increase traffic, make sure the website should be mobile responsive and test it on various browsers and operating systems. Always check the performance and rendering of your website on the major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. And it should be responsive in all the senses like speed to load content, resizing, hiding, enlarging a website, and others.

Readable & Elements

How does your website look on different browsers? In order to increase traffic, make sure the website runs smoothly on various browsers and operating systems. Always check the performance and rendering of your website on the major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. You also need to check everything related to content like grammatical errors and statements, which are easy to understand.

Site Migration Checks

The other important checklist that you need to consider is website migration. For this, you might have to change it from HTTP to HTTPS, its domain name, and look for a new framework or CMS. There is a free online interactive checklist for handling this process. Here are the following sections that come under this checklist:

  • Pre-migration
  • Post-migration

There are several SEO considerations in this checklist, including reviewing analytics data, gathering metrics, monitoring top pages, and so on.

Digital Marketing Checks

A digital marketing checklist is essential to ensure that your website is running according to the latest marketing trends, including SEO, SEM, and others. In addition, you also need to focus on the look, feel, and security of your website. And, the site should be free of broken links and validation errors. The links that show an error of “Page Not Found” will adversely affect the UX and also the website's SEO score. Don't forget to include meta tags – title, description, etc. These major elements won't only improve the website's position, but also enhance the chances of ranking in the search engines.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Checks

Businesses that evaluate data must comply with GDPR rules. This is a major concern for companies operating within the European Union or doing business with other EU countries. GDPR sets out to give EU citizens and businesses more control and transparency over their data. Here is the following checklist that covers GDPR requirements:

  • Data privacy design & assessments
  • Data governance
  • Get consent for data collection, retention & erasure
  • Compliance, auditing & record keeping
  • Data breach obligations

Pre and Post Launch Checks

There is an essential pre-launch and post-launch checklist necessary for a website, including, editing content, testing links, navigation usability, validating HTML and CSS, GDPR compliance, minifying styles and scripts, infrastructure, communication, compatibility, analytics, performance, accessibility, etc. It also includes functionality, design elements, cross-browser testing, content editing, and SEO. In addition, the launching checklist for web apps and Mobile apps allows product managers to test the security, performance level, compatibility, and broken links in applications.

Overall Takeaway!

By following the steps above, you will simplify the entire process, and most importantly, you will launch a website that will best fit the needs of everyone who plans to use it. Get started today! As long as you do it right, doing so will benefit your business in unimaginable ways. This checklist will help you develop a website for your business.

Are you looking for web development services Manchester, Boston, or other cities? Don’t worry – there are several website development companies across the globe, which makes the process of website development easy and quick.

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