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A checklist of the most entertaining toys available online

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Infants usually have a short attention span. They get bored of things quickly. This, at times, can be slightly challenging for parents. But they should not lose their calm in such cases. Instead, they should think of ways to keep the child engaged for a long time. This is where activity play comes into the picture. It involves the use of various entertaining toys.

The primary purpose of doing so is to distract the child for prolonged periods. So, here are some toys you can use for this:

Baby rockers

Babies seldom sit idle. They like to wander off to different, unexplored places. It can be hard to catch their attention in such cases. Hence, it is advisable to use a baby rocker. It is a reclinable chair that has springs attached to its legs. This way, it bounces when your baby moves. Baby rockers work great for restless babies.

The bouncing movement distracts the baby almost instantly. At the same time, the reclinable backrest provides adequate support to their body. So, consider buying one for playtime.

Soft dolls

Soft dolls make for the perfect activity toys. They are soft, cuddly, and entertaining in many ways. They are also relatively safe since they do not have sharp edges. So, having a few around will surely keep your baby engaged. The best part is that such toys come in different sizes, too. So, you could buy one you feel your baby would like. Just don't buy huge ones as they may intimidate your baby. You could start with small ones and then gradually move to bigger ones.

Teething toys

Babies usually feel discomfort during their teething phase. Their swollen gums cause them mild pain. Hence, they chew on anything they can find to relieve it. And most of the time, they don't pick up the most sanitary of objects. This is when teething toys come in handy. They serve as clean surfaces that babies can suck on. Also, they help alleviate any pain that might come with teething. This way, your baby stays calm and distracted during playtime.


For a baby, there's nothing more entertaining than discovering new sounds. It stimulates their mind and sensory parts. Hence, rattles have been a popular choice of toy for ages. They are plastic or wooden musical toys that make a rattling sound. Though there is no perfect way of playing with it, babies usually like to hold it in their hands.

They even prefer to through it around to produce new sounds. This way, the toy improves their hand-eye coordination. It also teaches them the concept of cause and effect.

Textured balls

Textured balls work on your baby's motor skills. For example, when your baby throws them around, it engages their coordination abilities. It serves as a sensory learning experience. Also, it teaches your child the concept of gravity. They learn that everything falls back to the ground. As a result, they prove to be highly entertaining toys



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