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A Complete Guide On Face Cleansing

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Cleansing is the first and the most important step when you start your skincare routine. It forms the foundation on which you will layer your other products. Hence, it is an essential step and should be done precisely. From other skincare products to makeup and environmental stressors, our face is exposed to many particles throughout the day. We often tend to not clean our faces properly. Not using the cleanser properly and just splashing the face with water might just not work. 

Eventually, the dirt will accumulate on the surface of your skin and cause skin issues. It could further worsen and can cause breakouts and clogged pores. To remove every trace of dirt and impurity, you should take time and thoroughly wash your face. It becomes very important to cleanse your face to get rid of the particles that might clog your pores. Cleansing also ensures that every inch of dirt and impurity is washed away from the skin, leaving a fresh and healthy look. It helps in maintaining the ph level of the skin and allows product retention.

One of the biggest blunders anyone can make is not cleansing their face properly. Both night and morning skincare regimens should start by thoroughly cleansing your face and then layering your products. In addition, to enhance the effectiveness of your routine, you should start double cleansing at night. The procedure involves using two cleansers; first, an oil-based followed by a water-based cleanser. The benefit of double cleansing lies in the fact that first all the oil-based impurities like SPF and makeup would be removed and the second cleanse removes water-based impurities like sweat and dirt. Your morning routine should also start by cleansing your face to remove excess oil secreted overnight. The main motive of cleansing is to provide a fresh and healthy base to maximize the effect of other products. Therefore, cleansing is an indispensable part of the skincare routine.



Every skin is unique and hence should be treated differently. You should use the products that work best for you. Not using the right cleanser might hinder the performance of your skin. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose the perfect cleanser according to your skin type.

  1. Dry Skin

If your skin often feels tight, itchy, and flaky it implies that your skin needs a cleanser that won’t strip away the natural oils from the skin. People with dry skin should look for hydrating cleansers with soap-free formulas. Since the skin barrier has been compromised, a cleanser for dry skin should contain hydrating agents to heal the skin barrier. Jordan Samuel cream cleanser is a perfect combination of sesame oil and silt that results in a clean and hydrated face. Due to the presence of omega 6 fatty acids, this cleanser helps in maintaining a healthy skin barrier and is perfect for dry skin. The matinee cream cleanser is a perfect blend of soothing ingredients that would help your skin breathe.

  1. Combination skin

An oily T zone with comparatively drier cheeks signifies a combination skin type. Therefore, a cleanser that balances the hydration levels without stripping away natural oils would work best for the combination skin. A cleaner with mild exfoliants would help in removing dead skin cells without drying the face. The after show treatment cleanser suits best for combination skin since it is a gel-to-oil formula. Combining olive, grapeseed, and jojoba oil with sugarcane, apple, and willow bark extracts, this cleanser works wonders for combination skin types.

  1. Oily skin

Oily skin is prone to acne and therefore a gentle foaming cleanser would do the trick for oily skins. It will gently remove the sebum, excess oil, dirt, and impurities. It would also help in regulating oil production while balancing the skin’s ph level. The matinee gel cleanser by Jordan Samuel is perfect for oily skin types. This water-soluble gel cleanser is infused with salicylic acid that exfoliates and clears pores. Salicylic acid works best for unclogging pores and breaking down excess oil from the surface of the skin. This cleanser is also enriched with aloe extract providing a clean and fresh face.

  1. Sensitive skin

Since sensitive skins might react to certain chemicals and exfoliants, therefore a cleanser with a cream-like texture can be used. The cleanser should include soothing ingredients like aloe and witch hazel. The after show treatment cleanser for sensitive skin is one of the best anti-inflammatory formulas rich in antioxidants. It is a meld of aloe leaf juice, green tea, and chamomile extract, making it one of the best cleansers for sensitive skin.


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