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Wood is one of the ancient and most commonly used building materials especially when it comes to making good quality and attractive furniture. However, with technological advancements, things have become more advanced, and wood has been replaced with artificial wooden products. This is where plywood comes into the picture as it is an engineered wood that is crafted from thin sheets of veneers glued together. Nowadays, more number of people prefer to invest in developing plywood home furniture but when it comes to choosing plywood of the right size and thickness, people get stuck.

For certain areas of the home, picking plywood of correct thickness helps the end product come together more smoothly and also save the homeowners from facing some potential hassles in the future. So, whether you are choosing commercial plywood or any other, the following are some of the things that you should consider before making a decision.

  • Project Planning
    The thickness of the plywood is the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while planning for construction as there will always be a little variance. The sanding process will generally affect thickness from being accurate and much like any wood product, plywood will absorb and lose moisture which can further affect the product’s size. So, be very careful while planning a project.
  • Cabinets
    Furniture and cabinets generally have the most leeway when it comes to finalizing the plywood thickness. These two things aren’t much exposed to the dangers than any other things. Generally, the size required for making cabinets is 12mm but it depends on the type of plywood that you are choosing and the size of the cabinet. The longer the shelves, the thicker should be the plywood.
  • Flooring
    If you are planning to get plywood flooring, your best bet will be to use the speciality plywood flooring products. With the advancement in technologies, nowadays there are numerous plywood flooring options available, so be a little careful. Generally, you can opt for plywood with thickness up to 15mm to 25mm for the flooring and rest it also depends on the type of plywood that you are using.
  • Furniture
    When it comes to choosing plywood for other furniture like tables, drawers, and others, the size and thickness will definitely vary. For instance, you may require plywood thickness up to 18 to 24mm for tables, while a set of draws will use a combination of 6 to 12mm plywood. Apart from this, the type of plywood also brings in a lot of change to the selection of plywood thickness. Also, if you are crafting something that needs to be sturdy and take a good amount of weight, just go for plywood with enough thickness.

Choosing the correct thickness and size of plywood is quite more challenging than Selecting the right plywood. But, with these aforementioned factors in mind, one can easily get a quality plywood product at home that stays strong and durable for years to come. So, whether you want to use WPC plywood, commercial plywood, or any other, just make sure to choose the right thickness. In case you find it difficult, consult the professionals as they’ll help you make the right choice.


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