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Women have spent all their entire lives working so hard to keep radiant and healthy skin tones. But what if they wake up one day and see all their face and eyes covered with dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles? That is typical, indeed. As we age, our skin loses some of its suppleness. While there is no way to stop ageing, there are numerous skin care products that can help us age gracefully.

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It is among the best skin care products available to everyone. This device helps you achieve healthy, beautiful skin at home by increasing blood flow to the face while also removing wrinkles and facial lines. In essence, they serve as moisturizers that lift and tighten the skin around the eyes and neck.

To know the main causes of wrinkles and their different types, read the following blog:

What causes wrinkles?

There are several factors that cause wrinkles on our skin. Some of the main causes are:

  • Aging:

Wrinkles cause mainly because of the aging process. As people age, skin cells start to divide more slowly, and the dermis, the middle layer of your skin, starts to shrink. A network of elastin and collagen fibers is found in the dermis that provides support and elasticity to your skin.

However, as this network starts to lose and unravel with time, depressions develop on the surface of your skin. Additionally, as skin ages, it repairs more slowly, produces less oil, and can't hold onto moisture as well. All of these components contribute to the development of wrinkles.

  • Facial muscle contractions:

Small muscular contractions cause lines to form on your forehead, between your eyebrows (frown lines), and protruding from the corners of your eyes (crow's feet). The appearance of wrinkles is increased by routine facial emotions like smiling, frowning, squinting, and others. These facial expressions, along with gravity, cause wrinkles to develop over time.

  • Sun damage:

The excessive exposure to the sun's UV radiation, commonly known as photoaging, can cause your skin to age prematurely. UV radiation exposure results in the breakdown of collagen fibers and the synthesis of atypical elastin.


However, when UV light harms your skin tissues, your body creates an enzyme called metalloproteinase. Collagen is produced and reformed by this enzyme. However, some healthy collagen fibers are damaged during the process, leading to solar elastosis — the disordered production of fibers. When the rebuilding process is repeated again and again, becoming less effective each time, wrinkles form.

Does makeup cause wrinkles?

If you don't take off your makeup before bed, it may clog your pores and prevent your body from producing enough collagen proteins. If you never take off your makeup, this could result in premature aging and wrinkles.

In order to keep your pores clear and avoid wrinkles, it's crucial to remove makeup using a cleanser or face wash at the end of the day. Of course, it's acceptable to occasionally forget to remove your makeup before bed, but doing so frequently might clog your pores and harm your skin.

What are the different types of wrinkles?

Here are some of the main types of wrinkles:

  • Expression wrinkles:

Expression wrinkles form when the underlying facial muscles are contracted to produce facial expressions.” For example, consider smiling, frowning, or laughing—you get the picture. The movement itself isn't necessarily the issue—creases and lines are an integral part of a healthy face—but as you lose important skin elements like collagen, your skin becomes less able to recover from these motions. First, however, look for the substances that increase elasticity in the skin to slow the formation of expression lines.

  • Compression wrinkles:

When you push your face against your pillow while you sleep, then there it is – Compression wrinkles, also known as sleep wrinkles or pillow lines.

Even though compression wrinkles will slowly go away throughout the day, if you don't make a long-term change to your sleeping patterns, they might become permanent. Use a hydrating moisturizer at night and think about sleeping on your back to combat compression wrinkles successfully.

  • Gravitational wrinkles:

All of us eventually experience the impact of gravity. Gravitational wrinkles result from your skin sagging over time. Imagine the skin beginning to pull away from the underlying tissue, causing jowls to form on your cheeks or the upper eyelid. Aging is a common cause of gravitational wrinkles.


Bottom Line

Even though wrinkles are inevitable and come in different types and because of different causes, as mentioned above, there are a wide number of skin care devices that can help us age gracefully.

One such product is an anti-aging face massage tool by EvenSkyn. It is one of the most effective skincare devices that will help you smooth out wrinkles, improve lymphatic drainage for face and get rid of all the different types of wrinkles mentioned above. To know more about these devices, visit EvenSkyn now.

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