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A Comprehensive Guide to Coffee Roasting

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Almost everyone loves Coffee. However, the preference does tend to differ depending on the taste. Usually, the raw coffee beans are roasted for various time frames to create a host of exotic ranges. The concept of coffee roasting in India refers to the roasting of the beans and producing flavours that are complex yet scrumptious on the palate. The beans can be roasted lightly, and you can even go for a complete dark roast, and this range is usually referred to as the degree of coffee roasting.


Why are Coffee Beans Roasted?instrumental for providing the most exotic breeds. Knowing the degrees of coffee roasting is instrumental to ensuring that the desired state of roasting has been achieved. It can be done with the help of precise timing. Some of the varying degrees of coffee roasting include:


  •   Light Roast: As the name would suggest, this one is a faintly roasted coffee variant. The heat they have been put through is considerably less, and hence they retain a lot of their original flavours. They are great if your taste buds do not like very intense flavours and you want to opt-in for a mild undertone. The light roast is also great if you want your coffee to be less bitter yet more flavourful.


  •   Medium Roast: Once the raw coffee beans have been roasted for quite some amount of time, the medium roast is achieved. Here the natural flavors of the unroasted coffee beans have been done away with and the roasting process itself has produced a different flavor. Many even say that a medium roast coffee has somewhat of a sweeter undertone. These coffee beans are usually dry to feel and have somewhat of medium brown colour. This medium roast of coffee is quite popular and has a lot of patrons.
  •   Dark Roast: As the name suggests, the last and final degree of roasted coffee is a dark roast variant. The coffee produced as a result of this roast is much darker in colour and has kind of an oily skin tone. Here the original flavor of the coffee has been replaced with flavors which are the sole result of the roasting process. Dark roast coffees are usually a developed taste and are great for those who want to feel that extra punch of flavors.



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You might be wondering what is the need at all to roast coffee beans. As the unroasted variant, green coffee beans are already pretty popular and have numerous health benefits. Roasting is a process where the coffee is exposed to a high temperature inside of a coffee roaster. It not only changes the colour of the beans but also brings out complex flavours. The degree of roasting is, however, a subjective opinion and can vary. While some like slightly roasted coffee beans, others want them to be roasted till they are dark. Consequently, the colour of the coffee beans changes, and so does the flavour as the degree of roasting gets enhanced. It is usually the roasting technique responsible for bringing about physical and chemical changes in the properties of the coffee beans and giving them a more complex flavour.


The Degrees Of Coffee Roasting :

The concept of good coffee roasters in India is quite prevalent, which are known to be long now.



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