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The adrenaline rush to sit on your pocket bike for the first can’t be matched with anything else. You browse for the best pocket bike online for days and then finally purchase the best looking and best performing pocket bike. For the first few days, it feels like nothing matters more in your life than the splendid-looking pocket bike parked in your garage. 

But after a couple of weeks or after a few months, you might still enjoy the adventurous ride on your super pocket bike but you lose the enthusiasm to keep it healthy and clean. This is where all the issues arise. Doesn’t matter how small or big your vehicle is, you have to keep it well maintained if you wish to enjoy its pristine performance and avoid any unnecessary repair expenses. 

If you are a proud pocket bike owner then you have come to the right place as in this blog post, we will discuss how you can keep your super pocket bike in the right condition, throughout its lifetime. 

Check tires on a regular basis 

It is crucial to keep tabs on your tires on a regular basis and this includes a thorough inspection of your pocket bike and the air pressure in the tires. Always ensure that the tire pressure has been maintained according to the level mentioned by the manufacturers and this should be done before hopping on to your super pocket bike for sale

While inspecting the tires, you should also look for any potential cuts and scrapes that could result in tire blowouts while you are enjoying your serene ride on the super pocket bike for sale

Also, never miss checking the threads of the tire at least once every week as dissipating thread is a sign that you must change the tires. In addition to this, you should also have a look at the balance and alignment. 

Keep tabs on the engine oil 

If you are using a gas-based super pocket bike 125cc then you must keep the engine oil in your list of inspections because if the engine is the heart of your pocket bike then the oil is its blood supply. Engine oil plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the pocket bike and therefore, you should always check the engine oil level and try to maintain the ideal level. 

Also, check for any possible leakage and if there is any type of carbon deposit in the engine then this can lead to the thickening of oil and this can result in drag in the entire movement of the engine. 

You must keep in mind that not getting rid of dirty oil while riding your super pocket bike 125cc will not only result in more fuel consumption but can also diminish the lifespan of your engine. 

Go through the clutch adjustment 

A Clutch is used on the x22 super pocket bike for changing the gear and is the most important part of your x22 super pocket bike. Before getting on to your super pocket bikes for adults, you should always ensure that the clutch has been properly adjusted and it should also have the ideal amount of free play for a smooth ride. 

Never make the commonmistake of tightening the clutch of your super pocket bikes for adults too much as such a clutch can easliy silp, go unnoticed and can even result into extra fuel consumption. And if you are novice at clutch adjustment then you should take your 110cc super pocket bike to a professional. 


As discussed above engine is the heart of your 110cc super pocket bike. Servicing your 125cc super pocket bike on a regular basis and tuning it up whenever required keeps the engine in the right shape. You should be extra careful while cleaning the carburetor and maintaining the valve clearance. 

Never forget to keep the carburetor clean and after every 14000 Kms of travel, you should make a habit of carburetor float chamber. This can be easily done in your own garage if you even have the basic knowledge of your pocket bike. 

Keep it clean 

You might be in love with the rough look of your 150cc super pocket bike covered in dust and with multiple mud patches but that is not how a 150cc super pocket bike should look like, especially if you are planning on using it for many more years. 

A pocket bike should always be cleaned, especially after returning from a long ride on a rough terrain as dust and debris can enter into the different parts of your 125cc pocket bike and damage it. 

Just a couple of good habits regarding the maintenance of your pocket bike can increase its lifespan, offer a smooth ride and keep unnecessary expenses at bay. So, don’t be lazy and gripe later rather keep your pocket bike in the right shape and enjoy its pristine performance for many years.


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