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A Comprehensive Guide To On-Demand Travel App Development

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Want to build a travel app? What would be the vital aspects to consider for on-demand travel app development? What would be the travel app development cost? If such questions are bothering you, then this blog would help you get the answers to these questions along with other details like features to be included in your travel app, types of travel apps, etc


We know that the travel and hospitality sector offers a lot of opportunities and profits. A lot of people travel worldwide adding to the travel economy every year. So, let us have a look at the stats of the travel app industry first.

Travel App Industry — Statistics

  • The count of mobile app downloads touched $2308.2million in the year 2022.
  • The travel business earned $97 million through In-app purchases in 2022
  • The average revenue generated per download is predicted to touch $0.16
  • Talking the total revenue generated in the USA alone is around a CAGR of 13.52% (the year 2022 to 2026) and it will reach US$139 million by the year 2026.

Why Consider Travel Mobile App Development For Your Travel Business?

Well, traveling to a particular destination can always be fun but it needs the travel planner and traveler to do a lot of work as well. For example, booking flight tickets maintaining reports to take care of inn appointments, community management for travels, etc

With the help of travel app development solutions, travel services can manage everything related to travel arrangements. Let us have a look at how travel mobile apps can help your travel business.

Easy Accessibility

With the increase in the use of smartphones today it is easy to gather data related to flight bookings, hotels, etc. Travel operators can help their clients through apps to perform a variety of tasks and make their trips enjoyable and hassle-free. So, travel app development allows you to manage business operations.

Client Behaviour Data

The travel business is a client-centric business wherein you need to know the client’s behavior to offer them appropriate services. In such cases, mobile apps help you fetch client details and get data that helps you know clients’ behavior.

These insights can help you draft business strategies and help your travel business deliver efficient services.

Re-engage Customers

Well, the clients may not travel as frequently as you may think, but you need to be always on the move as a travel service. Whether or not your clients travel frequently you should ensure that they choose you again and again for their travel arrangements.

A robust mobile app having features like push notifications can enhance customer engagement and you can reach out to a large customer base.

Mobile apps can offer 157% more conversion rates as compared to mobile web, which is almost 220% more for any travel app. Also, you can create engagement campaigns to grab the audience.

Simple and Faster Business Solutions

A robust app can help you streamline your business operations. With the plenty of features integrated into the app, you can carry out different activities faster and customize the itinerary faster.

Also, mobile apps can store high chunks of customer data securely. If needed you can add some features to your app that you think your customers prefer on the app. For example default payment methods, location tracker, instant booking, trip guide, etc.

Create Brand identity

Undoubtedly, the travel business is huge and also has sharp competition. To create your brand identity and maintain it, you need smart marketing strategies along with amazing services.

Certainly, your customer should be allowed to access your services 24 X7 through your app. Make sure you allow your customers to leave feedback, avail discounts, offers, etc. Having social media integration into your app would help your customers share your brand with their friends which will directly help you spread a word of mouth to create the brand identity.

What Are The Different Types of Travel Apps You Can Consider?

Travel Guide Apps

You need to plan your trip well to enjoy your trip. This app allows users to search for different travel packages, explore vacation deals, book travel, book a car for rent, check loyalty points, etc. In short, this is a travel planning app that allows users to get everything in one place. Such travel mobile app development services can be ideal for both individual consumers and travel agencies.

Flight Booking Apps

At times, booking a flight and buying tickets can be a cumbersome task. This is where flight booking apps come into the picture. The apps allow users to choose from multiple flight options, compare airfare, book a flight and purchase a ticket.

Deals alert — A helpful feature included in the flight booking app sends out a notification to the users regarding cost-effective flights, the latest deals, and tailored offers from airlines.

Transport App

This app helps users start a quick journey through different means of transport. The best example of transport apps is taxi booking apps. A lot of transport apps offer single & multiple transport options to the customers.

These apps come with a map integration feature to help users track and monitor their trips through these apps. Well, these apps prove to be the best option for daily transport services.

Travel Marketplace

These apps connect service providers dealing in tourism & hospitality to their clients. The clients can reserve tickets for flights, trains, and buses through these apps. Also, they can reserve hotel rooms using these apps.

What Are The Essential Features To Consider For On-Demand Travel App Development?

Certainly, a feature-rich travel app is what users search for. A custom travel app development company would help you get a custom travel app to increase conversion rates. Let us have a look at the features that you can consider for your travel app to make it scalable and user-friendly.

  • Audit and Ratings
  • Client care
  • Geolocation
  • Crisis Services
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Cash Converter
  • Agenda Generator

Estimated Cost To Create A Travel Mobile App

You need to consider several factors to calculate travel app development costs and the vital ones are :

  • Number of app features
  • App type — (whether you want to build a web app, hybrid app, or native app)
  • The technology stack (languages, tools, libraries frameworks, etc.)
  • Platform to launch your app (iOS or Android or both
  • Hiring model (outsource, in-house team, or freelance)
  • Team size (developers, designers, project manager, QAs, etc)
  • Location of the development team

Wrap Up!

We cannot deny the fact that the travel app market is shaping up rapidly. The main objective of this guide was to help you learn about the travel app in detail so that you can create a roadmap for custom or white label app development solutions effectively. After learning about different aspects related to on-demand mobile app development for your travel app make sure you assess different aspects like features, costs, and types of a travel app. Invest in robust mobile app development solutions to launch your travel app successfully.

Hire a professional travel app development company to get feature-packed travel apps that help you streamline your business operations and let users access your travel services through your app. Apps on Demand is one of the reliable mobile app development services in the USA having vast experience in building feature-rich Android, iOS, and web apps. We have a skilled team of dedicated travel app developers to help you build the type of travel app you wish to go with. Connect with us to discuss your travel app requirements today!

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