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An on-grid solar system is used in such places where electricity is available all day long or there is a power cut for a short period of time. With the help of on Grid Solar System, you not only reduce your electricity bill but also you can earn money by selling the remaining electricity to the electricity department. An on-grid solar system is the most widely used solar system for high loads in the world. Where there is talk of generating electricity from solar energy and supplying it to the grid, only on-grid solar systems are installed.


Advantages of on-grid Solar system

  • There is no battery in the on-grid solar system, so the cost of maintenance is zero.
  • Technical faults are generally negligible in on-grid solar systems.
  • An on-grid solar system involves less maintenance and generally has a longer life than an off-grid system.
  • Since an on-grid solar system does not require batteries, it is cheaper to install than an off-grid system. It is less expensive compared to other solar systems.
  • If you generate more power, you can also earn by selling this extra power to Discoms.

Disadvantages of on-grid Solar system

One disadvantage of on-grid solar systems is that they depend on the availability of the electric grid. If there is a power outage or maintenance work is being done on the grid, your solar panels will not produce electricity. Additionally, on-grid solar systems may not be cost-effective in areas where electricity rates are low, as the cost of installing and maintaining the system may not pay back in energy savings over time.

Another potential issue is that the amount of electricity generated by solar panels may not always match the amount of electricity consumed by the home or building, which can lead to over-production or under-production of electricity.

An on-grid solar system is best for them

There are some works for which an on-grid solar system is considered best, such as flour mills, speller plants, rice plants, water pumps, solar tubewell, cold storage, day-run factories, etc.

How to get a solar subsidy?

The government has started this scheme to motivate people to install a solar system on the roof of their houses. Under this scheme, you get a subsidy for up to a 10-kilowatt solar system.

If you want to apply for it, you have to complete the following procedures –

  1. First, go tohttps://solarrooftop.gov.in/
  2. After that select the option of Register Here.
  3. Here you will have the option to choose your State, Distribution Company / Utility, and Consumer Account Number.
  4. To fill it in once, mark Confirm and select the Next option.
  5. After this, you can complete your application by filling in whatever information or documents you are asked for.

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