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Trade Promotion Management is the test that most Consumer Packaged Goods Companies face across the world. Companies spend tens of millions of dollars and countless hours on promotion to design to boost revenue and protect their market share. Trade Promotion Management is used to see the effectiveness of your trade. 

Trade Promotion Management is the science and art of managing trade activity in the retail and foodservice industries. The entire lifecycle of the trade promotion process is through budget management, accurate payments, planning, deduction, and claim resolutions. Trade promotion is of several different forms. Here are some of the most common types of trade promotions. 

  • Discounts and Markdowns: These are some specific channel partners and could appeal to the most price-sensitive segment of their shoppers. In some cases, increase the margins on each sale for the retailer and provide them greater incentive to sell your products. 
  • Field Marketing Opportunities: Sending brand representatives to your channel partners, primarily retailers, to get directly in front of your target consumer. It can help retail staff sell your products better and make field marketing beneficial. 
  • Bundles: Bundles are a great way to increase sales for complementary products. It offers your channel partners to present bundles at a discount or allow shoppers to create their own bundles for discount.

Benefits of Trade Promotions

Brands and manufacturers can reap abundant benefits from effective Trade PromotionsThese include: 

  • Improve Customer Loyalty: Trade promotions can lead to better deals for customers when shoppers know well that they can go to their favorite retailers and get your products for a great price. 
  • Increase Sales for Seasonal Products: Trade promotions for seasonal products have benefited both manufacturers and retailers. These help both parties to boost their sales and clear inventory before the next shopping.
  • Accurate & Timely Information: Trade promotions are often based on assumptions or inaccurate data. Sales and marketing managers have access to promotion information but have questions about retail or foodservice pricing commitments. The product forecast accuracy can hinder the whole process. 
  • Strong Relationships with Distribution Channels: Relationships are essential in retail. Having a track record of successful promotions can help brands and manufacturers build stronger ties with their key partners.   

 The Final Verdict

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