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A few minutes later, we chased another Panzer to a cluster of tall trees

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Once we got to the bridge, we switched to WOTLK Gold the gunner's view, and with this, we could zoom in and out on individual targets. There was an enemy Panzer tank crossing the bridge, and we quickly targeted it and shot at it several times. An Ally Spitfire flew by a few seconds later and bombed the tank, which began to smoke a little. Other units fired at the Panzer until the soldiers inside were dead, and the tank disappeared from the battlefield.

, where the German soldiers tried to hide, but we closed in from the rear, all the while firing at the Panzer's fuel tank, at its gunner (whose head was visible at times), and at its wheels. Damage to the tank was shown in specific locations so that we could judge our aim. We eventually destroyed the Panzer but had received a heavy amount of damage ourselves, and our engine was gone. However, we managed to stay alive on this battlefield, and it was a pretty exciting experience.

In terms of graphics and overall visuals, WOTLK Classic's graphics look fairly good and distinctive enough to accurately represent historical units, aircraft, and ground vehicles. For example, we could recognize enemy units even at a distance. Enemy fire hitting a target was also a sight to see, especially aircraft on a bombing run. Ground vehicles under heavy attack smoked in varying degrees, and we could measure our damage-wreaking fun by the smoke's thickness and darkness.

On the other hand, we didn't get a very accurate sampling of the game's sound because the E3 show floor noise and music drowned out almost all the sound effects. Despite this, gameplay was fun and surprisingly easy to get into buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. As beta testing still continues in WOTLK Classic, more refinements will be made to the game, which is already looking and feeling quite good at this stage.





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