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A Guide on Electricity Safety for Homeowners 

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We were always warned as children not to insert metal forks into outlets, which ironically only made us want to do it more. You are wiser now that you are older. There are additional electrical safety precautions out there, but you should be familiar with them. You probably aren't. Between 2014 and 2016, the Fire Administration reported over 24,000 electrical home fires and $871 million in property losses. 

Diy safety inspections 

Do your bit and perform these routine safety inspections by Electrician Near Me. This fast procedure can be very helpful in preventing fire damage to your home. 

Flip the switches and open your circuit breaker to ensure that everything is operating properly. Furthermore, make sure there is three feet of space clear surrounding the panel. 

Observe any exposed wires and make any necessary repairs. They are generally found in attics or basements, which also happen to be the most typical areas where fires start. Keep an eye out for any indications of tearing, cracks, or even rodent activity. 

Extension cords should be checked for nicks and other defects. In case there are any problems, make sure to replace it with a new one. 

Examine external outlets to ensure that they are properly sealed to protect them from the inclement weather outside. Make careful to get a cover with access holes if you use the outlet regularly. 

Once a month, test your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, and change the batteries once a year. 


Avoid Overusing Outlets 

Everybody has been in the situation where a charger overheats. Take note of this warning and unhook the cord from the outlet right away. You can also adhere to the following outlet safety guidelines: 

Appliances shouldn't be connected to extension cords. 

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Use Just One Heating Device At Once. 

Think about using smart plugs that can keep an eye on outlet power loads and turn off appliances if they start to get too hot. 

Be Careful Where You Install The Electrical Cords. 

Broken power lines pose a major concern since they can catch fire and electrocute users. We advise you to properly store them in addition to performing routine inspections. Resist putting a rug over them or encircling them with other items. 

When Not In Use, All Appliances Should Be Unplugged. 

Whenever possible, use caution and disconnect any unused appliances. This advice will keep you safe and enable you to save money because devices are known to consume energy even when they are not in use. This holds true for all appliances, including space heaters, hair straighteners, and toasters. Even smart plugs with automatic shutoff functionality are available! 

Children's Electrical Safety 

If you live with children, you are aware of how inquisitive they can be. Teach your children these safety precautions to keep them safe: 

Put outlet covers to prevent them from inserting anything and shock them. 

Tell children specifically not to pull or yank on cords. Instead, instruct them on how to hold the plug while removing a cord. 

Blenders, toaster ovens, and lamps should be kept out of reach or stored safely. 

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Safety Audits Of Homes 

Older homes are more vulnerable to electrical fires because they frequently result from faulty or broken wiring. It's crucial to have your home's electrical system evaluated if you have any concerns. 


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