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A Guide On The Top WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022

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WordPress web development is not new to the market. Ever since it has been launched, blogs and small to big businesses have been making the most of this user-friendly platform for development. Popular websites like eBay, The New York Times, Sony, Forbes, etc also use WordPress web development for their websites and blogs.

If you are among those who want to leverage the WordPress platform then do not overlook the top WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022 so that you meet your business needs and stay competitive.

WordPress Web Development Trends To Check Out for 2022

1. Voice Search Pattern


When the businesses get 50% of the inquiries online, organizations are looking forward towards voice search patterns to capitalize on this feature and make the sites usable with voice look.

On the other hand, customers are also moving towards home computerization and IoT-enabled gadgets to fulfill their requests by talking. When individuals are using this pattern then as an entrepreneur why not you?

2. Add Videos At The Backgrounds

Well, adding videos to a website is not a new pattern. It has been here for a while now and integrating video backgrounds & headers that is a trend today is going to stay among web development trends in 2022 as well.

With catchy visuals and videos on the site, you make your site more interactive. Video backgrounds & headers also increase user engagement. Also, graphical illustrations help the users get an extraordinary experience along with engaging content.

Today, modern website designs are accompanied by graphic models and will continue to stay as a trend in near future too.

3. Improved Accessibility

Every day in our life brings in multiple changes. It is not the same every day. However, technology has changed our lives drastically. Technology is used today in almost all sectors like healthcare, education, medical, sports, etc. It will continue for many more years to come and digital content is easy to access.

Even people with disabilities will never have to encounter difficulties while accessing online content. Yes, this is because improved accessibility in the form of voice search helps users to get greater accessibility. Industries also depend on the internet and internet-linked devices to access online services easily. So, it is important to know WordPress Web Development trends that help you make your website accessible to the users without any hassles.

4. Minimalistic Themes

With minimalistic themes, users can enjoy flawless navigation with the help of a range of flat graphics and white space. Using minimalistic themes is certainly going to be the essential aspect in the coming years as it focuses on maximum usability along with mobile-friendliness.

You can hire a wordpress web design company for clean and & minimalist WordPress themes.

5. White Space

Talking about White space, it adds an impressive element to your website. When you include white space to a web page, it highlights the content that is important to increase visitors’ engagement.

In recent years, White space has gained immense popularity and is going to be one of the prominent WordPress web development trends in coming years. It will also help your website seem clean and boost user engagement and offer an impressive look that increases your conversions too.

6. Implementation of Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

Multi-purpose themes are quite popular and these themes come in plenty with WordPress. You can use these themes and choose any design or style for your site.

A lot of businesses pick from multiple website themes to match the required functionalities for their organizations or brands. With the help of a multi-purpose theme, you can get all the must-have features in a single template to match your business needs.

7. Drag & Drop Website Builders

This element helps the clients drag their favored modules, boxes, or provisions and simply drop them in respective formats. So, the live site would have similar patterns as the clients worked on while repositioning the modules. Interestingly, you don’t need any coding to do so for WordPress website development.

Well, WordPress web development is among the simplest web designers that yield amazing results. With no technical background, you can build a website within minutes.

8. Chatbots Implementation

Undoubtedly, Chatbots are amazing tools to respond to inquiries from visitors, assess their tendency, upsell products and help administrations with the required data, etc.

A lot of businesses offer excellent support using chatbots. So, you need to identify this method and integrate a Chatbot for your WordPress site.

9. Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere and it is an integral element for businesses. AI helps streamline business activities, allows brands to automate their enterprise, integrate chatbots, and explore market opportunities.

WordPress web development is also considering AI administrations and offers benefits to the clients via the WooCommerce module. AI helps e-commerce site owners to manage orders, monitor progress, evaluate finance, etc 

10. WordPress e-commerce

Due to the Corona pandemic, a lot of people shifted to online platforms to buy every small thing they need. This change is going to continue thereby helping the e-commerce sector grow.

Simply hire professional WordPress development services to build a scalable WordPress website that supports the e-commerce requirements.


After knowing the top WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022, do not miss out on these trends while building your WordPress website. You can either hire an expert developer or a WordPress Development Company to build your WordPress website keeping in mind the latest trends.

WebFox can help you get efficient WordPress website development services that help your business automate operations and generate higher revenues. Request for a free quote to know the WordPress web development cost for your project.

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